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hi, i'm june!
my characters | steam | origin | vndb | myanimelist
28 | bi | vietnamese-chinese | she/her | in a relationship
born with a dream of becoming a
character designer and lore/background illustrator.
green is my favorite color, particularly tea green.
i play a lot of video games and take steam card donations o3o

my username is pronounced "june-bee." (bi) as in the writing/drawing tool ^_^ i don't show my face here anymore cuz people on this site sent me creepy messages so...ya nty. but you can look at my puppies!

i actually signed up in 2003 but i forgot my login. plus, i deleted my yahoo account and didn't care enough to try to recover it.

if i add you and your age is unlisted, do not feel obligated to tell me your age unless you want to. please understand that i am uncomfortable adding people younger than 20 so do not friend me if that is the case.

i love to blow gold on art and spend rlc to support artists as well; buying at my shop would help go a long way toward my quest for art! i also love collecting art books, fanzines, and cute artist alley trinkets (like stickers, enamel pins, and acrylic charms). if you have a recommendation (or self promo), let me know!

item series i love: sour, tangy, toxic, opalescent, candygloss, bluebellvine, matcha, and seabreeze. basically, anything green, bubblegum pink, butter yellow, and pastel palettes. donations are welcome and appreciated!

i use the "ignore" function liberally, blocking edgy assholes, willfully ignorant bigots, and people who can't stay civil. i have zero tolerance for that s**t.

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i love receiving art and hanging around art shops to blow gold on.
i'd be more than happy to check out your shop and/or accept any avatar art!
click here to see my collection and here for gw2 oc's!

curious to see past avatars (or just bored)? click here!

background is bloom into you yuri series


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Pancake L0ver Report | 04/19/2018 10:18 pm
Pancake L0ver
Oh dang u right fam. LMAO I TALK TOO MUCH

Oml Taiwanese bakeries r sooooo goood. I work in a mini Asian mall with a grocery inside and there's this tiny lil bakery where u can buy buns with meats or sweets inside for like only 1.25??? And it's legit always busy. And they make these mousse cakes that r honestly to die for. but dang fam I highkey miss my ma's cooking crying lol me and my dorm roommate make horrible convictions of food. Our one success was adding cheese to ramen and it was really good but I can already feel my arteries clogging lmaoo

Yea I remember last Halloween I saw some Asian costumes that legit looked really racist. But fr tho. Traditional Chinese clothing looks so nice. I think traditional Korean wear is nice too but it's just so baggy haha

I'm pretty chill about ppl becoming interested in other cultures but there's a boundary line. Like don't come up to me and speak broken Korean to me. Excuse me I live in America too talk2hand not that I would actually say that irl tho LOL. I'm quite conservative so I prefer to avoid conflicts but yea not sure why certain ethnics r treated as something so exotic? Not entirely sure if that's the right word but I feel like especially to Asian women they tend to be fantasized quite a bit

Also what's weird is that ppl tend to ask asians if they're Korean if they're deemed as attractive. Like when I was growing up I was a pretty chubby kid and lowkey ugly lmao and I sure don't remember getting asked if I was Korean until I lost a ton of weight. Where I'm at it's not very diversed so there's a lot of stereotypes ppl base things on
Q i I i n Report | 04/19/2018 12:58 pm
Q i I i n
Thanks! I love that whole genre!! heart
Pancake L0ver Report | 04/18/2018 11:16 pm
Pancake L0ver
lol my is a very sweet woman but she does say a lot comments she doesn't realize how rude they are. Like she use to be really judgemental about black ppl cuz of all the stereotypes that they 'steal' and what not. She was a housewife so she didn't get exposed the public often. but when I brought my really smart black friend she was so shook and was like WHO IS THAT HANDOME YOUNG MAN LOL but yo the best way to make old Asian women to love u is to eat their food and say it's great lmaoooo

Matcha is so gooood. For cake I prefer the Chinese ones with fruit on. I think regular cakes r just too sweet. But ugh my diet makes me cry like I rarely eat anything with process sugar now cry

Oml that's confidence thooo LIKE YES GIRL rofl

And awe thanks haha.
But omg
I get a lot of dms from underage kpop addicted girls. Like my first impression of u when u first message with "saranghae oppa" is highkey cringy. Especially when they try to type in Hangul and the grammar and spelling is horrible. Like excuse me my engrish good rofl

But fr tho. Creepy pms on Gaia r so weird like ew no
Pancake L0ver Report | 04/18/2018 10:36 pm
Pancake L0ver
but so relatable fam. So my ma moved to the US when i was 7 and legit she thinks cherios is too sweet and that its an american dessert lmao

yea thats so rude fam. and im sure u look fine?? Like i swear asian standards are r so cutthroat.

For guys its nowhere near as bad but ive gotten some remarks as well. I have really deep hooded double eyelids so when i went to Pyongyang in korea and i got a discount handout for double eyelid correctional surgery like wtf. Dont get me wrong tho MY EYES R PRETTY SMALL. like when i smile and show teeth i look like im closing my eyes LMAO but ive to accept this haha
Adrien Gilles Report | 04/18/2018 12:01 pm
Adrien Gilles
thank you!!!
Pancake L0ver Report | 04/18/2018 12:38 am
Pancake L0ver
O u right fam. Smh boba so good

So relatable fam AND LOL THAT LAST ONE THO.
Hey fat will 100% get u cancer

But dang. The last time I visited china it's so tense there. my partner at the time was asked if she was pregnant and her stomach wasn't even big???
Silverlight Symphony Report | 04/17/2018 10:58 pm
Silverlight Symphony
Thank you!!! heart
Silverlight Symphony Report | 04/17/2018 10:47 pm
Silverlight Symphony
It's one of the images Gaia made for one of their rigs. I can't remember which rig it was from atm though sweatdrop
tsuruaka Report | 04/17/2018 9:38 pm
        Awww thank you so much!
        I really need to update my gallery... I'll do it eventually razz

        And hello fello bi-spy wink
Empress Boa Report | 04/15/2018 11:35 pm
Empress Boa
thank you so much hehe <3 heart mrgreen


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