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i ♥ vietpop


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for 3ds, mmo's, and steam—please let me know before you add me cuz i ignore friend requests i don't recognize.

3ds: 2939 0901 9903
dragalia lost: 1756 2629 687
fgo: 905,805,372
ffxiv: June Boba (Leviathan)
guild wars 2: Junebug.2350 (Fort Aspenwood)
love nikki: 111108510
pocket camp: 1895 2945 773
steam: Junebug


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hi, call me june (i'd prefer it)!
art commissions are open; pm me for rlc information!
my art | art shop | steam | origin | vndb | myanimelist
28 | bi | vietnamese | she/her | in a relationship
my superpower is falling asleep on command.

i don't add if we've never interacted before (unless you give me a really good reason).

my username is pronounced "june-bee." (bi) as in the writing/drawing tool ^_^

if i add you and your age is unlisted, don't feel obligated to tell me your age unless you want to. please understand that i'm uncomfortable adding people younger than 20 so don't friend me if that is the case.

i use the "ignore" function frequently (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

it's not about how good you are compared to bob ross, it's about how proud bob boss would be that you're doing art. - ArakoKatoc

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i love receiving art and hanging around art shops to blow gold on.
i'd be more than happy to check out your shop and/or accept any avatar art!
click here to see my collection and here for gw2 oc's!
curious to see past avatars (or just bored)? click here!

User Image watched (tv/anime): doom patrol season 1
User Image watched (movie): the handmaiden
User Image played (vg): battle chef brigade
User Image listened to: "over it" album by summer walker
User Image read: lost stars by claudia gray

- background is bloom into you yuri series
- opal pixel by star stealing prince
- halloween pixel terrarium by shaded penumbra
- image from yuri anime, sakura trick (which i have not seen yet so idk if it's good; i just really like this picture)

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(friends, you are not exempt; i expect better from you)

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birbkawa Report | 11/05/2019 2:54 pm
omg hi june!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its been too long
i saw hehe <3 and i followed u back! thank u so muchh
santhe is sadly (?? not that sad tbh LOL) still my only oc so ur welcome to draw her anytime <3
tbh im just happy you're drawing again??? you have such a good foundation for art c:
Princess Dragonlady Report | 11/03/2019 6:04 pm
Princess Dragonlady
thank u 4 buying at my store cat_smile
LaingCaster Report | 10/03/2019 3:09 pm
Hey there, just wanted to tell you your avatar is really cool. Have a good day!
Feuii Report | 02/27/2019 9:42 am
lmao yeah i'm in a horror type of mood User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
AND AW CONGRATS <3 I'm so happy for you!!!! You must be so excited!! How has the move been?!
And things have been good! I've been doing grad school stuff. I've been invited to interviews for all but one school I applied to, and I've gotten into a few and I'm super proud of myself.
SO I've been trying to sit down and see which school is best bang for my buck.
But other than that I've been working and stuff. Life has been better in some ways, and still poopy in others, but I'm hanging in there
Feuii Report | 02/23/2019 10:03 pm
THANK YOU BBY <3333333
how are you btw?!
its been awhile!
hope you've been well
Julizard Report | 12/21/2018 4:58 pm
lol thank you! I’ve witnessed people having lil giveaways and art freebies and then they close it but people are still like “U sTiLl OpEn??”, “GiB mE wAn PlEaSe!” Like 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Yes omg!! It takes me to a deep thought too. It’s so nice but it breaks my heart but I can’t stop listening to it. It keeps me addicted but I don’t want to stay sad ;; lol.
Omg! I watched it I loved the video, the ending though ;__;. It’s really sweet, she keeps making amazing, meaningful music and great lyrics. I hope she becomes the big icon for the LGBT+ community in Japan, I hear they have it pretty hard over there with heavy discrimination. :,(

Yes she is! She can sing anything and it’ll be a masterpiece! Heck, I bet she can sing heavy metal and she’ll knock it out of the park lol.
scrivenly Report | 12/16/2018 3:27 pm
No worries! It's definitely a hectic time of year, especially when traveling (so you have it worse than me there). Travel safe!

(And aw, thank you! That was a fun one to put together. xD )
scrivenly Report | 12/14/2018 3:04 pm
It really is! Good luck with all your preparations and I hope your holiday goes great. c:
scrivenly Report | 12/13/2018 1:36 pm
Heyyy. So sorry, I did not see your comment until last night. The notif must have gotten mixed up with the collection I came back too after hiatus-ing from Gaia for a while. Oops. Anyway, I have been good. Nowhere near ready for the holidays, so a little stressed about that, but all things considering, no real complaints. How about you?
Wulffe Report | 10/21/2018 12:38 am
Demonic digital wave, sorry for late reply


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questing art
rlc info | shop

< my oc by daiyuna
acpc: 1895 2945 773
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