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I am a music teacher in Alberta. Currently, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music and a minor in biology in addition to a Bachelor of Education after-degree. My primary instrument is flute. My secondary is voice. I am also a singer in both group and solo setting. I have loads of music experience including small chamber ensembles, concert band, wind ensemble, jazz band, solo performance, a little bit of opera, choir, and elementary music. I have basic piano skills, and during the course of my programming, I have had to learn the basics of every wind instrument in order to teach and diagnose problems in concert band and wind ensemble. Ich spreche auch fast fließend Deutsch. emotion_yatta

Prior to becoming a teacher. I had worked at Costco since 2007. I mainly drove forklift and work merchandising/cash, but I was trained in many facets of the warehouse and trained a good portion of the staff in my department. I worked there for nearly 9 years, and it made a huge impact on my life. I will never forget what I learned from that place, nor will I ever forget the wonderful (and not so wonderful) characters that I worked alongside in that building. I finished by time there is July 2016 in pursuit of becoming a music teacher.

On August 2nd, 2014, a wonderful, loving, born and raised farmer asked me to marry him after 4 years of being together and I happily said "yes". We got engaged in a lovely mountain ski resort in British Columbia. We got married on June 20th, 2015 in a small, country wedding in the Alberta countryside. I love this man with all I am. He is my everything.

I generally don't hang out in the forums, but I will pop into the SQ&A/SF occasionally to answer a question or two.

I generally do not accept friend requests unless we have had a decent-sized, in-depth conversation, and I trust your judgement as a user of the site. This means no random friend requests.

I became a Site Moderator in April 2012. In August 2014, I became a Global Moderator, which handle Abuse/Harassment reports and in May 2015, I became an Omni Moderator which mainly deal with hacking/scamming reports. I'm pretty well-rounded as far as answering questions goes, so don't be shy to PM me for anything you might need. If you do have a question for me as a moderator, please PM me. Do NOT leave a comment on my profile addressing a specific concern of yours about a ban, a report, or an instance of abuse. For privacy reasons, they may be deleted. I answer my inbox in the order these messages are received or by priority. If I have not answered you yet, please be patient. I have not forgotten, I promise!

Useful Guides:

How to Spot Staff Impersonation
The Master Chance Item List
I ❤ Achievements -- A Guide
(The) Reference List, A Guide to all Gaia Reference Items
{Ultimate Alchemy Formula Guide}
Official Grant Archive
Gaidin's Fishing Guide

Informative Gaia Blogs:

Hacking Prevention and Account Security
Recognizing & Reporting Password Phishing
E-mails, Gaia Account, and Security: Why it's important
Gold Buying, Off-Site Trading, and You
Beware! Mobile Phone Scam
Beware: New Phishing Method
Reminder: Don't Joke About Your Age
Reminder: Subjects You Should NOT Joke About
Reminder: Don't Post Sexually Explicit Content
Reminder: Please refrain from inappropriate roleplay on Gaia
Clarification On Abusive Behavior
Help Center: Filing a Ticket


Q: I've been hacked! What do I do?
A: You will need to file a Hacking Report. If you no longer have access to your account that was hacked, you will have to file this from a secondary account that belongs to you. Change your password immediately if you still have access to the account. Change your e-mail password as well if it is the same as your account password. This will secure your account until such time that your hacking report is answered. Keep your report number handy and a moderator will contact you via PMs when your case is ready to be resolved.

Q: What do I do if I've been scammed by another user?
A: We have a report for that, too! Please file a Scamming Report. Be sure to include any and add evidence including proof of the contract, links to threads, report numbers from PMs/profile comments/flash areas, and a detailed account of what happened and what is missing.

Q: A user won't leave me alone! I've tried ignoring them, yet they continue to harass me!
A: For this, you may report the issue using a Abuse/Harassment Report. Please continue to use your ignore list should this person persistently make accounts to bother you.

Q: I've been banned! How do I get my account back?
A: You may appeal your case by filing a ticket through out Help Center. Click on the Contact Us link on the bottom of any Gaia page. Once at this page, scroll down until you see the section titled "Still can't find your answer?" and click on the link that says Click Here. Clicking this link will redirect you to the Help Center ticketing system. Note that this does not guarantee that the account will be returned to you. This is a way to revisit the situation and reopen the case.

Q: I want to become a moderator! Where do I go?
A: Read this thread. This is the Moderator Application FAQ thread and contains all the necessary information including a link to the application itself. Be sure to read all of the information. If you would rather be a forum assistant, who only move threads around on Gaia, you can do so here.

Thanks for visiting my page! heart



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Omg thank you. So pretty. ;o; heart
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Ahh emo
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i r iz noob, can i haz pugz? ninja

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Noooooo! It took courage for me to send in that resume and cross the road!
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Do I taste like chicken?
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cranium coccyx

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cranium coccyx

finding nemo fish tank surprise

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Loving the music on your page, just leaving it open to listen~♪♫ -Roxanne

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*Rando-snugs Junai* emotion_yatta emotion_bigheart


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