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corpsegrinder666 Report | 02/06/2018 2:39 am
Look I didn't do it cuz of not getting what I want, I did it cuz I was pissed off that would say that I was bugging u. So if I'm bugging u so much than I'll just leave u alone, btw ur Vlad told me to take u off my friends list so im just gonna disappear from gaia forever since I'm being told that I can't talk to u by someone who don't even know me. This is my final goodbye, it's not at all what I want but it's what I feel I'm being driven to
Knockout the Docbot Report | 01/22/2017 2:38 am
Knockout was quick to attention when he heard something was wrong. he rushed over to see the drone lay her on the table and Breakdown holding her servo. "Right." said as he grabbed what was needed. After he had Jump tell him what was wrong, he almost lost it. the sparkling was coming a bit early! "ok Breakdown, make sure she doesn't struggle, this may be a bit painful for her." Said and got a nod from his friend. It didn't take him long to deliver his mechling, and was most happy to hear him scream his little head off. he was quick to imprint on him as his father before handing him to jump after breakdown moved away so she could do the same. once Jump imprinted he took the tiny sparkling so he could be cleaned up and give his mate a moment to calm down and relax. he smiled as he cleaned then wrapped Stormer up in a blue blanket that Jump found in her old things. he looked down at his son with a look of awe, amazed that he helped to create such a precious thing. he went back to his mate and seen that Breakdown cleaned up Jump and had her sitting up abit better. "welcome to the world my little Stormer." Knockout said softly before handing him over to his mate to hold.
Knockout the Docbot Report | 09/26/2016 8:40 pm
He watched his mate walk by and smirked seeing her hips sway. "Hmm you need to settle down next." said chuckling. "I heard the princess likes you. then again she also likes that Dreadwing." said. "She must like the big mechs." laughed abit. "though I pity you both, you both would have to be extra careful with the princess or else have our lord after either of you." smirked. "Unless youre not looking to settle down just yet." smirked.
Knockout the Docbot Report | 09/18/2016 5:44 pm
"Oh I know she has a problem with that." He chuckled softly. "Sure, we can do that, I'm sure she will enjoy herself away from base for awhile. The only thing is where to go, she does like to race, but she cant till after the sparkling is born, so what can we do with her?" He said and thought for a few moments, tapping his digit on his chin as he thought. "Ha how about we take her to a tropical location? She did say she always wanted to see the ocean, so why not go there?" Smiled. "I know there are a few islands where there are no people that we can visit and be in our true form without alerting the flesh jobs." Said
Knockout the Docbot Report | 09/13/2016 7:09 pm
He chuckled and smiled. "Yeah im sure she is." Knockout grumbled at the mention of the other wrecker. "Yeah he tries I will take him apart bit by bit." Growled. "Anyway, I'm sure Jumpy will prolly be fine so long as she doesnt get stressed or into any kind of fight with the Autobots." said
Knockout the Docbot Report | 09/12/2016 3:48 pm
"Yeah but its too soon to tell how many or what just yet. But I am keeping an optic on her, she has been put on light duty which means staying with the Princess." He chuckled. "So I have a favor to ask, should she need to go for a drive and i cant take would you mind?" He asked chuckled. "This last drive we went on that dammed Bulkhead confronted us, I had to shove her into the bridge as she was mouthing off to him. Dont let her do that, get her out as soon as possible, and dont let her get hurt." Said seriously. "We have been trying to get with spark and that that its happened we are not taking any chances. She is not to leave this ship without an escort. Be it me, you or Megatron or Shockwave. Hell even Starscream is now protective of her." Chuckled. "Also Prime is trying to get her to join his team, claiming it is safer there and we both know that if she went over there she would get into it with Arcee non stop. And prine would restrict her from doing anything. Atleast Megatron is letting her work, even if it is just keeping his daughter company, and lets Jump go for drives so she dont go crazy from being on the ship too long."
Knockout the Docbot Report | 09/10/2016 8:59 pm
He kissed back purring. "Till then my beautiful darling." Said and decided to relax and enjoy some alone time. Though it wasn't long till he did get lonely but knew she would be back and then they could snuggle together, and he could fuss over her. He chuckled to himself as he got an idea and got up to go hunt down his friend Breakdown. Its not that they have been ignoring each other lately, but Breakdown knew how much trying for a sparkling meant to them so he gave them time alone to try, but he did pop in the med bay a few times to hang out with Knockout while Jump was working with Shockwave. He didn't know that they were successful in their trying, but he would soon enough as Knockout soon found him in the common room with a few of the drones as they sparred for something to do.
Knockout the Docbot Report | 09/08/2016 9:11 am
He chuckled softly and held her close to him. "i am sorry dearest but theres nothing I can do about the taste." Smiled kissing her helm softly. "I know you want to fall back asleep but the Princess has been wanting to see you, I told her when you woke you would see her." Smiled softly. "How about you finish your cube or most of it then go see her. Then you can go back to sleep when we go to bed. I don't want you to be sleeping all the time, I know rest is important but you need to be active as well." Snuggled her close to him letting her drink the cube. "I want you to be careful if you do anything ok? Don't over do it and take breaks when you need them." Smiled.
Knockout the Docbot Report | 09/07/2016 10:25 pm
When the day was over Knockout smiled as he grabbed a special cube for his mate and went to their room. When he got there he sat the cube down on her stand and moved to sit beside her. "Jumpy, darling its time to get up. You need to drink your cube and you have been asleep for most of the day." Said pulling the blanket down abit and leaned down to kiss her cheek. "Please Jumpstart wake up darling." Said and soon notice she was moving abit, and chuckled when she rubbed at her optics. "Come on my sweet. and drink your cube." kissed her on the lips and got a kiss back.
Knockout the Docbot Report | 09/06/2016 11:04 pm
He smirked listening to what she had to say to Prime. "You handled that well darling. I will see you when I am done for the day. Go and rest, I will bring another cube with me, you will need to keep up your strength." Said getting a nod from her before she disappeared out into the hallway. He had to chuckle to himself as he pictured Primes face as his mate told him off, if anything it would only make the prime try harder to get her over to their side. Knocky didnt have to worry though, he knew how loyal his mate was to the cause and to himself.


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