Updation Station. Boo ya.

I am a jealous girl.
I am easily amused.
I am also easily annoyed.
I like it best in the Rain
I love my friends.
I may love you, but I am not in love with you.
I likelove to talk.
I am a very sensitive person.
If you don't talk to me, I'll bug you until you do.
I may dislike you, but That just means I Hate You.
I am vulnerable

The Fam, updated:

Katachii: Eva. Ah, Eva. Where to begin? She was one of my first friends here on Gaia, and she understands the emotional attachment to roleplay characters. XDD It's been going on five years now, and we still talk every single day. Love you <3
Anrea: My soul sister, along with Eva. The third member of the Triumvirate. My Lia. It's been slightly less time that I've been friends with her compared to Eva (considering the three of us all met in the same place) but that doesn't mean I don't love her just as much. Besides, she makes me rice krispies. biggrin
Quatres-demon: Quatre. SuperSatan. Lightly Orange. Possibly human. XD A good best friend in real life. I'll usually do what she says, simply because she could hurt me because I want to, and more often than not, I agree with her. Over the past year or so we've grown infinitely closer, and I'm grateful for that. <3
peanutbutter2468: My bestest buddy in real life. Been BFF with her for...seven years, goin' on eight. Holy crap, man. XD Not only is that a really freaking long time--has it seriously been two years since I updated this thing? No, self, it's been three now.
Seronia: <3 Been my bestest friend in real life for...eleven years now? It doesn't feel like that long till I look at her siblings XD= We don't get a lot of time to talk to each other anymore, but we're still thick as thieves, and moreso. XD College, and not being physically able to see eachother whenever we like, has made us closer, not more distant. Thank god.

Sparkio: We have an interesting relationship. We're like the step above best friends forever, but a step beneath going out. Hard to describe, but I wouldn't have it any other way. <3 Things get pretty hard for us sometimes, and that really scares me, but I know that no matter what, we're going to be friends for ever and ever and ever. Because we're both too stubborn to leave each other, XD. He's one of the very very few people I would actually trust with my life, ans one of the very very fewer people who I would die for, and not think about it for a second. Even though he's engaged now, we still tell each other we love each other, and we still mean it. I kind of think we always will.

Hurt any of them and suffer my rath. It's not pretty, believe you me.

Julie, in a few words:
Loyal, protective like a mother lion of her cubs (or so I've been told), nice to a point, impatient, funnyish, a bit too caring sometimes, goofy, klutzy, and perhaps a bit unhealthily day-dreamy. Most importantly I'm creative and friendly though, so if anybody is looking for an RP buddy (and bothered to read this whole thing), PM me! I don't bite unless asked very nicely (;


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Tis a book. Also, tis a pen. Book Pen= either Vandalism or Journal. I chose Journal.



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Thank You For Buying
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The Green Grapist

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The Green Grapist

The Green Grapist

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The Green Grapist

Happy birthday :3

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i think i used rucible spoon. sweatdrop idk if thats the correct spelling, xD. for the lunar maiden outfit..

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Ty for buying~

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Psh, of course.

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You're so mean to me!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

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Why do you scare me so.....

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OH GODS!!!! <<__<< eek gonk

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OH GODS!!!! <<__<< eek gonk


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