All About Shaynna

Main Info

Full name: Shaynna Allissa Krajczynski
Nickname(s): Shaye, Alli, Lynx, Alli Katt
Birth date: February 7th 1987
Home Town: Woonsocket, Road Island
Height: About 5'1"
Eye Color: Honey Brown
Hair Color: Light Chocolate Brown
Parents: Sheryl(Mother), Paul(Father), and James(Step-Father)
Pets: Saquia, Dakota, Genna, Porsha(Dogs), Mercedes(Cat), and Val(Turtle)
Dream Guy: Benjamin Levi Madden

Shaynna's Favorites

Fav. Color: Purple
Fav. Comercial: The Coca Cola Polar Bears
Fav. Song(s): The Hunger By The Distillers, and Mountain By Good Charlotte
Fav. Boy's Name(s): Joshua, Benjamin
Fav. Girl's Name(s): Julianna, Christiana, Katerina
Fav. Food: Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Fav. Holiday: Easter
Fav. Place To Eat: Memere Renaud's House
Fav. Ice Cream: Black Raspberry with Chocolate chips
Fav. Female Celeb.: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Fav. Male Celeb.: Benji Madden
Fav. Super Hero: Inu Yasha
Fav. Person In History: Selena
Fav. T.V. Show(s): Charmed, The Gilmmore Girls(Thats me and mom all the way)Drew Carey, The Golden Girls, The Nanny, Who's Line is it Anyways, King of Queens, Family Guy, Inu Yasha, and The All Things Rock Countdown(When Joel, and Benji hosted it.)
Fav. Movie(s): Rigaleto, Selena, The Fox and the Hound, S.L.C. Punk, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Queen of the Damned, Interview with the Vampire, Big Daddy, Grind, Pirates of the Carabian.

Other Things Liked:

BRIAN DENEKE, GOOD CHARLOTTE(Ya so ******** you!!!), Butterflies, Anything hardcore, Anything pretty, Laughing at posers, Beating up posers, Tattoos, Piercings, Dyed hair, Spiked hair, Mohawks, Jewelry, Shopping(I'm such a girl haha), Punk rock music, Punk rock shows, Punk rock boys, Goth boys, Boys in general(But only if they're not asses and that is rare), Sleeping, My purple crushed velvet pillow, Movies, Comic Books, Drawing, Going online, Metal music, Metal shows, Rock music, Rock shows, My guitars, Horseback riding, My pets, Animals, Chains, Spikes, Desinging clothes, Gothic fashion, Guitars, Trampalines, The backyard swing, Spiderwebs, Broken glass/windows/doors, Hanging out with friends, The family, Hanging out with fans, Recording, Writing, Shooting videos, Plaid, Taking pictures...

Things Hated:

Britney Spears(Slut), Hillary Duff(Future slut she just doesn't know it yet. Heehee), Being poor, Sleeping in the kitchen to keep warm, Loosing my friends and family to death(literaly..like when they die on me), Most pop mucic, Most rap music,(I say most on those two because I'm a dancer. Ya go figure shut up!!!) Reular school, Cleaning, Doing laundry, Aunt Flow coming to visit, Hick-ups, Muscle-heads, Dumb people, Teenies(You know the people at concerts that scream"I wanna have your baby!!!" Ewww), Posers, Waking up, Humidity, Humanity, Politicians, Static Cling, People who can't drive yet somehow get a licence anyways...


Reading, Designing Clothes(You should see my drawings heehe), Singing, Playing the guitar, Writing lyrics, Writing poery, Writing stories, People watching, Going to concerts, Listening to music, Going to the movies, Shopping, Going online, Watching T.V., Sleeping, Horseback riding, Playing with the pets, Going to Guitar Center...

Musical Influences/Fav. Bands:

Good Charlotte, Evanescence, Rancid, The Distillers, Green Day, Seether, Lit, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Kittie, Breaking Benjamin, New Found Glory, Motley Crue, Crossfade, 3 Doors Down, Sum 41, Papa Roach, AC/DC, tHrOnE, Silverchair, Bayside, Skye Sweetnam(She is such a doll), Korn, Slipknot, 12 Stones, Mushroomhead, Hoobastank, Willa Ford(I love her attitude), Pat Benatar, Brian Adams, Shania Twain, Martina McBride(I'm a chorus kid shut up!!!Plus I grew up with Counrty.Mom's fault.).....


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Report | 06/07/2007 6:49 pm


HIYAQ wass good chica?

Report | 03/28/2006 12:12 pm


*sneaks in tip toeing ever so lightly*
Tis a fine night, a fine night indeed...FOR MISCHEIF!
*toilet papers you and throws eggs at josh,bloody eggs...of terror...and doom...and doomy terror. then proceeds to molest ou via drive through window and burger king*
dear god, mabey I do have to much free time.

Report | 03/03/2006 10:33 am


Hey ya sexy Biotch, jus hittin ya up to say Holla Bolla and lickity lickity. I think ur ******** AWSOME!!! Buh-Bye

Report | 03/01/2006 8:30 am


you dare to ask me such a thing? on my own profile no less?! Have you no shame? have you no morals? See I unlike you know the laws up in canadada...da, he was f*ckin 18 years old! And plus I just happen to know that its not qualified as rape if its dead!
*Dissapears like a fricken NINJA ninja *

Report | 02/19/2006 11:34 am


*Jumps through your window superhero style* OH ITS ******** OOOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!
Note:your eyes look like this--->O_O
*several minuets of awkward silence follow*
*jumps back out window and returns to wherever retards like me return to*

Report | 02/02/2006 7:18 am


Day-um girl you sexxay, yeah your da type of braod that lord penguin diggs..XXX style be-yotch!
Its Rojas and I claim this profile in the name of Evan, accept it woman!