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Call me Bethany, (if you'd like).
I was born 7teen years ago.
Skandar Keynes is my fantasy lover.
I am of the female gender.
Currently a senior in highschool.
I enjoy writing poems and stories.
(Though my stories never get finished.)
I draw...more like doodle.
I reside in North Carolina.
British accents are dreamy...
Ask me about my Jesus.
Jukara is Kierrakins side account.
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This is my avi. Because Jukara is a side account, she is not decked out in expensive attire. Deal with it.
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"If I find w i t h i n myself a desire which NOTHING in the world can satisfy, the only probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”--CS Lewis

"Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought,uselessand disappointing."
- Cinderella Story

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I dream of snow and white covered trees,
I dream of pixies, fauns, phoenix; all the fantasies,
I dream of a fire so bright and warming,
I dream of a knight or my prince charming,
I dream of a love that I cannot find,
I pity those with a dreaming heart like mine.

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If only we had more King Edmunds in the world. <3
If I were in trouble, would you fight for me?

That is all.
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