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Name: Caroline N .
Im viet And im proud
I can get messed up
Purple , Gray , White , Black
- - - > Bye < - - -

Name: Michelle U.
Status: Sinqle
Im nice if you get to know me ..... well kinda
I likee to draw and joke around with my homiezz

~ Jessica Made My Pro



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i be brandon hackin dis chicka caroline she be 1 of da best i could say so much bout dis chicka but i nto got da time :] but ill start dis chicka is adorable as u can see fun of cause sum1 u can talk 2 coz shes original and she is sum1 u can talk and have fun i be goin so pc3

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you smart and cool and cute and sweet

- ibedazzlinyuh

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Okay listen Up This be Jessicaa Hacking My Lil Carolinee Hmm Wat Can I Sayy, This Gurl Is Everything If U got Her as Ur Bestfrend or Sista Cuzzin Or As Ur Gurl U R lucky , U Really Aree. So am I To have Sumone like Her. She puts A Smile on My Facee all Tha Timee Shee Alway Der for me Always there hasnt Been a time When she Hasntt. Shes my Bestfrend/Daughter. She has a BIG heart full of So Much Lovee So Iff U Evaa Hurt Herr U Will Regret It some Much, Shes a One in a Million No liee So That means Shes Orginal, Unique & Anit No fool Or Fake. Dontt Jock Her Swagga. Its To Hot Foo U To Jock Hunn. she Is As Reall as Reall Can Bee shes She is da Screw To my Bultt & My Best Frendd Evaa & We always gonna be frendss. I Can trust with Everyhing She puts a Smile on My Faceee All da timee. Shes lovin Polite & Is Da best Of da Bestt No Liee. Yoo chicks Out Derr wanna Be Herr But sadly fo U Its impossiblee SorryxD Anywaysss She Has Gott Wat A dream Boy Wants in a Gurl a Smilee, Laugh, Funny, Nice Caring, Politeee, & Like i saiddShe wuld Want Herr Shes Da Bomb Like Tick tock Boom!
Am Outtt ily Caroline Bestie For Lyfiee x.

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- xSElENUHHx -
Bahaha H oo e ss (:
This Be Selena Hackinq The One & Only Lovable Caroline <3 -
what to say about this amazinq chicka ?
She`s been there with me throuqh the beqqininq & it feels like yesterday ,
which it was LOOL it feels like we've know each other for a hella lonq time (:
Ohh yea bby , tht's riqht . Not a back stabber like dem ' othr mofos o:<
This person -ACTUALLY- cares , mhm tht's riqht . Her voice is so
elqant on Gaia , it probably is in reaLife , LOL (:
don`t hurt her niqqs are you`ll be cominq to me qettinq
the boot of your lifeee <3
HAHAHA [; boom h oo e ss ; LMFAO -
i love everythinq about this qirl & i wish i evn knew her
in the real world , i hope are realationship can last forever babe (: