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My Homies Call Me Twitchez. Most People Dont Like Me. But It's Whatever. I Could Give A ******** Less About What Another b***h Thinks. A Few Things You Should Know: Im A Pothead for Life. I'll Smoke Weed Until The Day I Die. I Have Weird Phobias. Im Not Single. I Love My Boyfriend With All My Heart. He Means Everything To Me. Ill Love Him Until The Day I Die. He's The Perfect Man For Me. He Makes Me Feel Like No One Else Ever Has. Ill Be With Him For The Rest Of My Life. You ******** With Us, You'll Get A Hatchet Straight To Your Forehead! Im A Juggalette For Life. Im Down With The Clown Until Im Dead In The Ground. My Homies Mean The World To Me. Don't ******** With Them Either. =] I Love Cotton Candy Flavored Anything. I Dye My Hair Alot, And I Hear Im Good At It Too. Im Pretty Laid Back, Until You Piss Me Off. Im Terrified of Locusts, And The Sound Of Tazers. I've Had A Pretty ******** Up Life, But Thats My Business...No One Elses. If I Want You To Know Something, I'll Say It To Your Face. Everyone Makes Mistakes, But It's My Life. Im Going To ******** It Up Right!MCL♄

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