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Birthday: 09/17

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Rhonda Reindeer Report | 04/02/2012 2:54 pm
gonk gonk gonk
BlueHime93 Report | 08/25/2010 8:14 pm
How come?
I'm good with a lil headache idk why.
iWinnie Report | 08/25/2010 4:51 pm
veryy cool.. : )
i'm a junior and school is already boring. but at least i'm going to the beach this weekendd!
Bucket and a Mop Report | 08/25/2010 12:53 pm

Are you excited for senior year?
Bucket and a Mop Report | 08/22/2010 11:34 am
It's alright, my grandmother only comes up to below my boobs.
BlueHime93 Report | 08/19/2010 1:48 pm
Hey!!!! It's been so long since we talked!!! How are you?!?!
Shamanic Moon Goddess Report | 08/19/2010 7:16 am
I change my avi at least three times a week so we are still twin-sy in a way. We can always have a mule be coordinated together or we can figure out a similar look one day XP
iWinnie Report | 08/18/2010 9:19 pm
what are you busy doing?
Shamanic Moon Goddess Report | 07/18/2010 9:01 pm
Love your profile Judith... I guess we can't be twins like we were when I was Mirage of Dreams =/ But love the L profile XP
Bucket and a Mop Report | 07/18/2010 7:42 pm
Mine's pretty good.
What grade will you be in this coming year?