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Hello, I'm Jude. :3
I like video games. I speak French. I dye my hair different
colors all the time. Right now it's currently just plain black,
but it was pink. Next it's going to be peach. ^~^
Sour Patch Kids is my favorite candy. I love coffee. I really do. Q.Q
I play guitar, a little piano & uke. I used to play the trumpet.
Not sure if I still can. I love anime & manga. I'm fairly easy going.
I daydream a lot. I'm easily distracted, but I can focus if I
actually want too. I'm OCD about certain things. My sister says
I'm a perfectionist, but I don't think I am.... >.>
I have a twin sister, PeleProdigy. Haha, naw she's not really my twin,
she's my little sister. People do ask us if we're twins though, which
is quite odd since I'm 6 years older than her. I dunno, it could be
because I'm short & she's tall so regardless of our age gap, she's
the same height as me. -_-
Also, for whatever reason, people assume I'm 15 or 14 & I'm always
like, "Wtf? Do I seriously look that young?" O.o
I honestly don't know. sweatdrop

That is all. Buhbye. (^.^)/


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