Hello there, welcome. JoyousDuchess at your service, though you may refer to me "Joy" for short, if you'd like. This is not my first account, but I left years ago and Lord knows I was never going to return to my old account, so here's a new one. Hopefully things will be better this time around.
There isn't much to me, I'm quite a simple person. I love role-playing, and have been doing it for a good 9 years now (if you would like to RP, I'm very open to prompts, so just comment or PM me). I play World of Warcraft a lot; probably more than is healthy. I have a pet hedgehog named Tintin, and he is the biggest joy in my life. Much to my family's surprise, I am an aspiring bartender. When not looking for work or playing video games, you will most likely find me at my church, volunteering a lighting tech or a stage hand.
Oh yes, I also cosplay and go to conventions when I have the time and money. My latest cosplay was Dirk Strider from Homestuck. I am currently working on/planning: Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw), Nora Valkyrie (RWBY), Prince Zuko (ATLA), Lady Sylvannas (WoW). I have many others, but for now those are my top ones to get done.

I tend to go through phases with fandoms, but the one I'm "obsessed" with at the moment is Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter. Just a group of wonderful people that play video games, and have helped me through some major struggles more than they'll ever know.

I enjoy making new friends, so don't hesitate to comment or PM me, darlings. heart


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Just a little insight of what's on my mind for the day, or fun stories. Simply a place for me to spew my thoughts.



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Cheesecake of Doom

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Cheesecake of Doom

Thank you! cat_xd Your's is pretty awesome too cat_3nodding

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Thanks so much!
I really like yours too ^^
Lilac Wood

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Lilac Wood

Thank you so much! I was worried it was missing something.


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Tumblr, yo.