Yar, wench.

My name is Alley.

Alley enjoys interpretive dancing when her class speeches aren't long enough so she can meet the time limit.

Alley also enjoys moshing in the school halls until someone complains.

Alley loves her bandana, and thinks emo kids could possibly be the cutest things ever.

Alley's favorite animal is the manatee, because they are fat and slow and eat lettuce.

Alley is a vegetarian, and the thought of eating meat makes her a little queasy.

Alley is minorly ******** up, but don't ask her how, because she'll just deny it.

Alley is fairly left wing liberal ish, but doesn't completely associate herself with any political group.

Alley is indeed a Satanist, and she hates it when people
a. Insult her for it
b. Think they are Satanists when they are just immature and have no clue what satanism entails.

Alley likes to rant, it keeps her from bitching all of the time.

Alley also likes to talk to the clinically insane and to school janitor


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Random s**t: by Alley.

yeah. a journal. full of random s**t. by alley. who is me. on my good days.


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this is one of them um



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canibus was here be happy

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T iigerr L iily

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T iigerr L iily

One day, there was this duck
that was lost in the city
but was rescued by a magic
pickle. And then the pickle
and the duck had little
dickles. The end. xD

Comment me?
Radium Lavans

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Radium Lavans

*Kiss licks and hugs you to death*
I am Blow

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I am Blow


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Most certainly.
I will mail you my foot.

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Changed my name to Pestilential Jest

I swear to you, one more pop up and I'm going to throw myself out a window.
And I'm taking you all with me.

( heart )

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So you're suggesting they deserve it?
*le gasp*
Tsukiyomi Morningstar

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Tsukiyomi Morningstar

Obeying the sig!

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stfu n00b.

I luff u!1~!


Kiss Me, I'm a Satanist
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1 dry hump and 3 lickings
(twice raped, twice bitten)

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