My self
Games: tekken 1-6, soul caliber 1-4, DOA 3,4 , RE(all), psu, tenchu(all), Zelda(all), FF(3,5,7-12,D,CC,T,AT), fable, bladestorm, dynasty warriors(3-6), jsrf, halo(all), Mario(all), supper smash bros., obscure1&2, sims, dead rising, the bouncer, custom robo, kingdom hearts(1and2), elder scrolls, borderlands, the way of the samurai, didgimon world1,animal crossing, and the world ends with you

Books: kekkaishi and undertown

Shows: inuyasha, azumanga, FLCL, air gear, bleach, boogiepop phantom, naruto, unforgotten realms,

Music: techno, Viking metal,

Things I like to do: drawing and speeping (yes i mean to type that)