Ok so about me eh? Lets start off with how old I am which is 17 I live in Ontario Canada. Yes I can drive if your wondering..

Now Im guessing what you want to know the type of music I like. I like Rock, Metal, Heavy metal, Musicals. so theres that. MY interests are Playing DDR (Dance Dance Revoultion), Gutair hero, Rping, Making new friends, watching Moive (Mostly horror and musicals).

if theres anything else you want to know about me just ask and I shall give you an answer.. Now to sign off with saying I AM ZIM!! Just kidding you know its me Josh razz


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The journal of Josh

I will put anything I find important to put into my journal so there



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Rainbow Yum Cakes

Report | 04/02/2009 10:00 pm

Rainbow Yum Cakes

Holy crap it's been FOREVER since you got commented on last... *pwns your profile! * ^^ XD
V e n g e a n c e F a n g

Report | 09/23/2008 3:01 pm

V e n g e a n c e F a n g

Hi Spleen <3

I'm really good, what about you? User Image

S'been a while, hah. =]
Skittles and Twix

Report | 07/31/2008 8:23 am

Skittles and Twix

Hey sweetheart.

Yeah, Ive been pretty bored too.

Nothin much has been goin on here, except that my phone has died completely... Ive been waiting for a new one, so please dont think Im ignoring you. Cause Im not.

: O

<3 Much Love.

Bulletproof Love

Report | 07/30/2008 9:27 pm

Bulletproof Love

Thanks sooo much for the inkies!!!
Lady Seria Rage

Report | 07/30/2008 6:57 am

Lady Seria Rage

Bish! No way! Congrats! Heeyyy...why am I last. T__T It makes me kinda sad. Oh well. XD I know my Avi is odd...I'm...fiddling with it. >.>; Shush. =P Hope you get your G-Blade soon!
Xx D e m o r a l i z e xX

Report | 07/13/2008 9:01 pm

Xx D e m o r a l i z e xX

thanks and no problems!
Xx D e m o r a l i z e xX

Report | 07/13/2008 8:56 pm

Xx D e m o r a l i z e xX

hay thanks fo the buy hun!

nice pro btw!

Lady Seria Rage

Report | 07/08/2008 1:20 pm

Lady Seria Rage

Hey love! How are you? How's your trip going! Miss ya lots! Oh, I just wanted to say sorry about Canada Day, I was fustrated that's all. I am sorry, I don't like it when we fight...Anyways, I love ya and I'll talk to you later!
The Amazing Lemur

Report | 07/03/2008 3:49 pm

The Amazing Lemur

Hey baby!

Report | 06/21/2008 11:40 pm


Hehe I'm in your signiture....I feel special.


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