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"I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves."
- -Mary Wollstonecraft


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Nameless Liberty Six Guns Report | 01/28/2010 5:19 pm
Nameless Liberty Six Guns
Nameless Liberty Six Guns Report | 01/28/2010 4:59 pm
Nameless Liberty Six Guns
towns? biggrin
Nameless Liberty Six Guns Report | 12/23/2009 2:03 am
Nameless Liberty Six Guns
bby where'd you go~ ; w ;
Nameless Liberty Six Guns Report | 12/16/2009 6:41 pm
Nameless Liberty Six Guns
Elizabeth Machi Report | 12/15/2009 7:16 pm
Elizabeth Machi
[XD Okay. Byee, see you later~ ;3]
Mariia Ushiromiya Report | 09/06/2009 5:58 pm
Mariia Ushiromiya
*Skips along faster and trips and falls* Agu... o u e;;
Grand Master Thief Rikku Report | 09/05/2009 5:58 pm
Grand Master Thief Rikku
thanks Sakutaro you too! ;D
Ushiromiya Maria Report | 09/05/2009 9:43 am
Ushiromiya Maria
*Jumps on you*
Uu~! Uu~! C:<

[ Well, Sakutaro .. Hm, there isn't really a lot to say for him. He's Maria's plushie/stuffed bear/or w/e everyone calls them, and he was made by Rosa I think?
He gets destroyed later because of Rosa, and he's remade again later in the time setting where Ange and Mammon are friends? I don't know. D: I am pretty sure that's right. :S ]
Ushiromiya Maria Report | 09/05/2009 2:53 am
Ushiromiya Maria
Sakutaro-chama is so adorable, Uu~! whee

[ You don't suck, you're awesome. c: ]
Ushiromiya Maria Report | 09/03/2009 1:58 am
Ushiromiya Maria
Uu~! Uu~! Let's play "Find the golden butterflies", Uu~! whee

[Lol, well I'm sure you really won't regret it. Especially with the new event coming up in the group! whee I entered already, but you should enter your Sakutaro~. heart ]