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Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/21

To show that I'm not naked.

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My passion for writing and reading will never fade.

One day, I'm gonna travel around the world.

I want a leather jacket so badly... (fake leather)

"What three things cannot long be hidden?
The Sun, the Moon and the Truth"

"He has too many secrets. That is what gives him the mysterious allure and draws her near but also inevitably causes him to lose her."

"She has an air of naivety and maturity surrounding her. That's what drew him close but also causes him to lose her."

"Real love doesn't mend everything. Real love doesn't conquer all. And, most importantly, real love doesn't require a happily-ever-after -that's not what it's about. But real love does change you. It moulds you. It burns your heart into a charred cinder that relights like a phoenix, stronger and more blazing than ever." -Soulmates by Holly Bourne


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Your blessings outwieghs your trials each day