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The Best Self-Cleaning Vacuum on the Market: Shark Apex Uplight AZ1002 Duoclean

Shark is one of the most famous brands of vacuum cleaners and always keeps up with user trends. The Shark apex uplight duoclean Apex AZ1002 also plays a major part in helping Shark assert its brand. This following article will help you know more about the product:


The most remarkable point is the design of the machine which is extremely luxurious. According to our assessment of  Apex products of the same type, the apex AZ1002 Shark uplight, although it has a traditional black color, is not outdated but is also chosen and used by many customers.

In particular, the machine has a cord design up to 30 feet long, making it easy to move the machine to clean up to any location needed. That way, you may not have to stop halfway to change socket locations anymore.

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Duoclean Technology

The first feature we want you to discover about the Shark apex uplight vacuum is the Duoclean technology. This technology includes a dual brush system that deep cleans carpets and contacts the floor directly for a shiny look.

Small or large debris can be picked up thanks to DuoClean using a soft brush at the front of the cleaning head and a more traditional bristle brush in the center of the cleaning head.

In addition, you can also adjust the speed of the roller by opening and closing the slider for the best effect during cleaning. Furthermore, we recommend that you clean this roller periodically to prolong the life of the machine.

ZeroM Technology

ZeroM technology with Duoclean technology is the perfect combination for cleaning floors and carpets. The AZ1002 ZeroM is responsible for sucking all human or pet hair from the brush tube into the dust box. This design of the machine also makes it convenient for you to clean your brush.

In addition, the ZeroM combined with Lift-away can lift the separate housing to extend the reach of the cleaning head, making your cleaning work much more leisurely. You can put the cleaner in the most hidden places or even under furniture.

Self-cleaning Brushroll Technology

Self-cleaning Brushroll technology is the second plus that we would like to introduce to you. Unlike similar products, the uplight roll brush of the machine is capable of self-cleaning and thorough hair removal.

In this article, we will also tell you more about the indicator lights on the machine:

Dark red light: There is a jam in the scroll brush area. Turn off your vacuum and remove any blockages.

If the light is flashing red: The underfloor injector has an overheated motor. Turn off the hood and wait for it to cool down.

No lights on: The brush rolls are not spinning because the vacuum is switched off.

Sealed HEPA System

You may not know that this Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean is one of the products with extremely relevant reviews for families with asthmatics. The perfect combination of the HEPA system behind the motor and the fully hypoallergenic Seal technology can trap up to 99.97% of dust and allergens, preventing them from escaping into the air.

In addition, the dust container up to 1.5 liters is a great advantage to save you a fair amount of time because you do not have to stop halfway to empty it. In particular, both the filter system and the dust cup can be washed and then dried to improve the maintenance of the machine.

Fingertip Control

Fingertip controls let you easily switch from hard floor to carpet mode. Surely this feature wins points thanks to the comfort during operation. And further, AZ1002 is equipped with additional LED lights. Thanks to that, the machine can detect debris hidden in corners where you can't see it.

Another point that we want to talk about is that the machine’s capacity is up to 1350 watts, so you can see how powerful the device is. That's why it can run on all types of floors, from deep carpets to hardwood floors.

Active-Glide Technology

Last but not least is the Active-Glide technology. Thanks to Active-Glide, the Shark apex uplight corded lift away can move smoothly on hard floors and carpets while maintaining strong suction. That's why the machine can adjust to reduce noise and calm the pitch professionally.

Surely not only me but any user would love to clean in a not too noisy space. Moreover, we believe that this is a feature that not all machines can do. If you like low-noise machines, surely you will not be able to ignore the AZ1002. 


Modern design, many people love it

Elegant colors easy to see

Dust trap and anti-allergy filter

DuoClean tackles messes of all sizes, from large piles to fine dust

Dual brush deep cleans floors and carpets

Easy-to-empty dust box

Lift-away works well

There are LED lights on the handle

Noise reduction technology

Versatile and convenient accessory set


The long cord can be a drawback while moving the machine

Eavier than similar machines

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Shark AZ1002 and 1000W?

Overall, both machines have little difference from each other. The primary difference between the two models is that color... The AZ1002 is elegant black, and the AZ1000W is green that is not very eye-catching. However, you can disassemble and assemble both models extremely quickly.

Also, the AZ1002 includes a pet multi-tool, whereas the AZ1000W does not. Of course, we recommend that you consider opting for the AZ1002.

2. What should we note while using a vacuum cleaner?

Always turn off the vacuum cleaner before connecting or disconnecting any motorized nozzles or other accessories.

When powered on, keep the vacuum cleaner moving over the carpet surface at all times to avoid damaging the carpet fibers.

When cleaning is paused, you may need to lean the vacuum against furniture or a wall or lie flat on the floor.

Wash the machine with water only because washing with chemicals may damage the device.

Do not cut anything other than the hair, strands, or threads wrapped around the brush during cleaning or routine maintenance.

Wash the filter regularly.

User Image

3. How to get urine smell out of carpet - how to remove urine smell from carpet

The first and most familiar method is to use baking soda, which you can buy easily at a drugstore.

Use vinegar and water to mix well in a ratio of 1:1, combine with hydrogen peroxide and pour it on the dirty spot. After that, wait until the stain is dry. Finally, take a vacuum cleaner to pick up the remaining dirt from the carpet.

A temporary solution is to have a deodorant spray box at home in case of an emergency. This is probably the most effective and fastest way for you.
If you cannot remove it because the smell is too strong, seek professional help.

Here are a few tips we have for you to get rid of odors from carpets, but in any case, the last step you should take is to vacuum the carpet.


We will stop sharing here because we believe we have provided you with sufficient information for you to understand this product. These are also the Shark apex uplight reviews that we want for the AZ1002. We hope you will choose a suitable product for yourself.

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