Stuff you should probably know

My name is Jose and I'm 15. I live in New London,Conneticut; who cares if people know. I'm crazy or better put psychotic. I don't like racists, whores, and people who keep saying you have no life. I have a life; I just keep it locked away in my basement. I'm Puerto Rican, so yea' I speak Spanish. Y si me gustas escribir en Espanol. I'm an a** and I enjoy causing people to cry. See unlike people I don't care who knows my phone number as long as I know them for awhile and trust them. To gain my trust is a little difficult so rapists, good luck and I wait for you guys to try. I'll be waiting for you with a nice shiny 9mm. If you don't know what a 9mm is; it's a pistol. Yes, my parents trust me with weapons as most of my family is in the military or police force. I'm an artist but don't ask me to draw you s**t and yes I ******** enjoy swearing. I love any kind of anime as long as it doesn't have guys ******** or kissing each other. I'm not a homophobe; I have gay friends but I just don't like seeing gay s**t. I love food, and and video games. I love Final fantasy games and Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2. I love music except country. I hate country music and some love songs like beautiful girls. That's all you should know and maybe I'll add more