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BlueFheiry Report | 04/09/2010 1:14 am
bessy, when will you go online???

i misssss yyyyooouuuuu.... ^_^

and im piled up of great news and stories for you...
i hope i can chat with you soon...

bessy, i think i understand now what you said.. and why you always advise me the same thing always....
you're right, i can never force love out of my life..... and i need you to help me with this puzzle...
please come soooooonnn... we REALLLLYYYY need to talk.
BlueFheiry Report | 03/25/2010 6:46 am
im so haaaapppppyyyy toooooddddddaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!

guess whyyyyyyyy?

yes, i think you know.

BlueFheiry Report | 03/16/2010 4:25 pm
thank you, bessy.. for looking at me that way.. ^_^
sometimes i get pessimistic with myself, but then you always bring me back to goodness..
i dont know, maybe life is just like that-- troubles are part of life, struggles make us strong, obstacles are designed to keep us going, and always there has to be hope.. thanks for giving me hope today..

i had seen a good sunrise today, cleared up my mind for a bit.. though everything still dim, i guess the only way through is ahead, thanks for giving me some light.. and yes, you're right.. the way i should handle this is by faith.. ^_^

i'll probably be back much later tonight... by 8 or 9pm...
haaaa.. i'll be hosting CYA's last gathering party tonight, i'll be one of the emcee-- i got to fight off some stagefright and keep the fun going for the event..
goodness, and they have forced me to be the emcee, for old time's sake, since this would be the last time i'll be serving them in Service Council..
hmmm.. can i ask some advice from you about that-- how i shall serve next as a Staffer? i've mentioned that to you before.. hehe.. let's talk about this tonight if we have time..

well, see you tonight then, if we can meet online.
BlueFheiry Report | 03/16/2010 5:38 am
bessy, glad you like it.. ^_^

hmm.. about the good news.. hehe, suddenly i forgot what it was..
i have to tell you, bessy, my days at school seem to fluctuate from good to bad days, bad days to good days..
but still what remains unchanged in this uncertainty, which im always entagled with.
this is the worst rollercoaster ride in my life ever... but then, im just trying to enjoying it and learn from it as time pass by..

i cant wait to chat with you soon..
see yah, bessy!

i see now, you're the tough princess.. coz you're always strong.. unlike me, who's just going where the breeze and stream go.. goodness, when shall i take my stand and be able to pull through??!!

anyway, more of this when we chat..
bye now.

BlueFheiry Report | 03/13/2010 3:39 am
haha.. you look lovely, bessy.. hehe.. ^_^
truly like a princess..
im gonna think of something to fit your avi.. but surely, it's all gonna be about being a princess, and not a warrior..
we'll talk about the princess warrior style later.. haha.. ^_^

bessy, got some great news.. cant wait to chat with you soon..
enjoy your night.. thanks for dropping by.. ^_^
BlueFheiry Report | 03/12/2010 3:04 pm
hello, bessy..
sorry i wasnt here last night..

but i'll be back tonight.. hope to catch you this time..
see yah.. ^_^
BlueFheiry Report | 03/09/2010 1:47 am
hehe.. i wrote the poem, coz it's the least that i can do to somehow express how much i'd like to help you and show i'd like to be there for you..
but then, i know you need not hear the words, coz you always know i'd be there for you.. just feel like putting it into writing..
and you should know you've encouraged me a lot too.. coz you always believe in me at times i doubt.. and you keep me going, and inspire me to exceed myself.. and have some fun along the way..

hmmm.. these last few weeks of march is going to be my toughest battle.. you may not be here beside me to encourage me and say it's gonna be fine and im gonna win this.. but i know you'll still be cheering up for me.. i wish we can chat again, so i can discuss how i shall go about this battle.. and let me know what you think.. hehe, you're a princess warrior afterall.. and you give me so much strength.. thanks a lot, bessy bessy.. miss you more.. ^_^
BlueFheiry Report | 03/04/2010 4:55 am
got something for you, bessy bessy.. ^_^
i had a free night tonight, and i miss you, so i write this up.. just to cheer us up.. ^_^
got some news about my studies, it's gonna be a long talk.. i'll talk about it later when we have time to chat..
need your advise about this too.. thanks..

for now, enjoy this poem.. ^_^

A Poem for Joanne

by Faye

Do you hear my voice? I guess not, coz you're so far
Do you feel my touch? I guess not, coz we're miles apart
But memories hold us dear with those faint lazy, young years
of ordinary days made extraordinary, of those times we'd shed tears
yet moments after, claimed our smiles again
and off, we laughed our tears away like insane

But I feel a little sad today
that you can never hear my voice
at the moment you need my call
a friend to listen and say, rejoice,
you'll feel better after rising from this fall

I feel a little sad today
that you can never feel my embrace
at the moment you need a shoulder to cry on
a friend who cries even at far distance
the moment a tear fall and you can't carry on

I feel helpless against this distance
Got no armor to shield me from its pinions
Of missing you so, I can never hide
Its arrows too deep, cuts my heart apart
But even so, it shatters me
that you're battling against something without me
To know you're wounded, and you fear all sides
from where enemies may hunt you down and tear you apart
I have no sword to slash this one great enemy
this one great enemy, you battle against solely
an enemy you called your own,
your dark self, an enemy you face alone.

Do you remember how I whispered a word,
never in words spoken, but in kind thoughts
in every way, I claim you special in your very worth
I tell you in every way, you're more precious than golds
How can I kill your great enemy, slaughter it before your eyes
and curse her goodbye, and stop telling her lies
that instead of scars, you may see your beauty
that instead of troubles, you may find gaiety
that instead of despair, you'll find your hope unquenchable
that instead of lovelessness, you may know you're loveable
that instead of nothingness, you'll find unseen treasury
that instead of cruelty, you'll seek the nice things you see
that instead of stagnation, you'll find a moment of peace
that instead of lazyness, you'll seek zeal and ease
that instead of good luck, you may strive for hard work
that instead of mockery, you'll hear yourself's worth
that instead of loneliness, you'll find me
and know this life is not so bad to be

It hurts me, though we're far apart
and at this distance, I can only look from afar,
I wish you won't seek too much of me
and let yourself be blinded on what you see.

You may never hear me speak, and I don't wish
that you always depend on me to speak these words,
that should long before written, carved in your heart,
that you're special and precious to me.

You need not hear it from me always,
for words fail, and sounds fade,
spoken words easily go forgotten.

You need not hear the words, but I wish you hear it resounding
over and over and over, til forever and the next forever..
that you're special, with brilliant light shining, beyond what eyes can see,
dissolving your one great enemy, and making you live free.

BlueFheiry Report | 03/02/2010 3:02 am
hello, bessy..

hmm.. you said it's gonna be a great day for me today.. and yes, maybe it was.. i received more blessings than i expected..
but something's not right, though... i dont know.. i feel it seems a bad day, though it's a good one for me..
when you know bad things happen to people you know, you'll have a bad day too, right?
i feel bad for unexpected things happening at school with my mates...
their problems are my problems too, coz we always got each others' back to lean on..
we're losing hope.. but i want to cheer them on, with this little thing i can do-- i will never give up hope..
we'll make it through... thanks for believing i can do it, bessy... that gives me courage too..
to carry on.. with a smile.. hmmm.. i wish we can chat always, and speak to me of your encouraging words like before..
i miss you, bessy.. when will you come baaaacccckkkkk????!!!!
come home... huhu...

hmmm.. forget i said that.. just enjoy your day.. ^_^
see yah online.
BlueFheiry Report | 03/01/2010 5:16 am
hehe.. it's okey, bessy.. ^_^
it look me a long time to understand and get a hang of things here in gaia,
but once you get into it, and friends help you along and keep you company,
it's much more better and a cooler place to enjoy yourself..
i'll help you around.. we can have some total makeover of your avi, your house, your profile and maybe add some friends on your list.

^_^ but aside from that, im dying to chat with you soon..
got some problems on my studies, bessy.. and your encouragement might be the cure..
i dont wanna lose hope or anything.. maybe i just need someone who'll listen and tell me it's fine, though it may not be..

^_^ well, i dont wanna make you sad.. im still holding on to hope, of course..
i'm still giving my best shot.. i'll tell you more of this when we have our chat.. ^_^

see you online, bessy.. ^_^



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