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Joker Abron

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Last Login: 07/25/2021 6:41 am

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Hi! I'm Abron419 but you can call me Abron. I am 15 and live in Ohio. This is my second account on gaia. My other one got hacked so...I'm starting new. If anybody would like to rp just pm me and I'll will get back to you. And also join my clan, Organization XIV. It's the most unique clan and we don't even use the clan for the rpg game they are comming out with. Anyways the link is Please join. I'm also a future game designer with dreams of making my own rpg for square enix. Currently im trying to make some flash games maybe I'll enter some for gaia. Be looking out for it.

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User Image Nadia Hope

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Tears of a Phoenix

the manga I am writing about. A boy who is sent on a mission to a find the jewel and send it back to it's home planet before it starts a massive war.


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jumbaba Report | 06/27/2010 9:15 pm
yeah u
queen haiti Report | 12/10/2009 9:16 pm
queen haiti
aquamelissa Report | 08/13/2009 12:11 pm
vergil pwns all, hes always best, but i ment out of nero and dante, sides neoangel is coolest
aquamelissa Report | 08/12/2009 8:55 am
loveing the devil may cry, i still think dante is best
Cuddles PhD Report | 06/24/2009 6:47 am
Cuddles PhD
I dont know bro, the only reason i would get a PS3 is for KH3 which hasnt had any news lately, so we shall wait.
dark ichigo1235 Report | 06/16/2009 3:31 pm
dark ichigo1235
hay waz up i have not talk to u in a long time
aquamelissa Report | 05/26/2009 11:59 am
hope you likeing the fog abron
x 3K9 x Report | 03/08/2009 11:14 am
x 3K9 x
thax for the purchase
Cuddles PhD Report | 02/20/2009 2:36 pm
Cuddles PhD
I do not see it...
Cuddles PhD Report | 02/16/2009 6:12 pm
Cuddles PhD
Probably have its been a long, long while.


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Keep Up with the future. TREY 4LIFE!!


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Live your dream before you die without them.

Go to my page and read my story! You won't regret it! Wait a minute...why am I on Abron's page?! He's gonna kill me!

Ah Abron we meet again...It's time that we finish things.

About damn time!

ABRON is the creator of ORg. XIV an I agree that it's the best clan ever! And I'm not saying that to be a part of his page. Join Now! Or die!!! ....Kidding about the die part.