hey, my name is rebecca and i love to laugh (especially when i'm eating cantaloupe) i was born in taiwan and i'm taiwanese... i love all of my friends and they make me so happy smile . i'm currently not a very active player, but i still go on around once a week to check up on things. anyways, send me a nice pm or comment on my profile if you'd like. i also do not tolerate beggars. don't come begging to me for some items. if you give, you shall recieve. (keep that in mind) if you're bored visit my favorite thread. :]


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Report | 10/01/2011 8:17 pm


hello~Haven't talked to you in a while, still go on gaia? (I haven't gone on in a while either .__.)

Wow...looking back at comments from like, a year ago feels weird...I sound stupid xD


Report | 04/03/2010 7:05 pm


wait a minute i thought i did O_O opps sorry X|
yea i hate star testing too, it's starting in two weeks while the seniors just rest away~.....
lol track gets all of ur leg (thighs especially)fat away right? xD
everyone's obsessed with next stop, happiness xD, it's pretty popular in taiwan too. That's true but store ones are usually really expensive.
I know right? It's not like someone's going to hack their credit card or whatever =x=

Report | 03/07/2010 9:04 pm


Yeah we have a final every trimester (mab except third trimester cuz of STAR test)
lol I think I did pretty well >.<
Yea that's part of the reason why my mom won't let me do track I guess
No I have not watched that one surprised , I'll go and look it up ^^
Yeah I don't think any stores sell it T^T, I know my parents are also paranoid about shopping online, I don't understand what's so bad about it >.<

Report | 03/06/2010 4:46 pm


ahh finally, finals are over! x] it was crazy i was up studying all night.
Yes that's true, to join a sport team you need to fill out so many forms it's crazy +o+

lol I finished watching this new taiwanese drama called Next Stop, Happiness (Autumn's Concerto)
it's soo good x] I want to buy the DVD but I don't have a credit card or whatever and my mom never shops online so she won't let me do it crying

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lol i would too xD
i'm taking gemotry it's so annoying i like the teacher and all but the class and subject is rather boring for me. D:
ya you have to fill out forms (for like a health check or whatever) and agreement form and stuff then just turn it in to the athetlic office and you'll get a ticket to play (otherwise you can't join)
I already missed it it was this friday crying
ohhh welll

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Yepp school is real tiring so far =A= but at least i'm getting thro (I do have an english and french and math quiz tomorrow though T^T) (I hope I'm gonna raise it >w< wink
lol xD I MIGHT do track, it's pretty cool but I have to get the ticket to play and everything and the papers are due friday ><

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sighs school is starting tomorrow crying I'm not looking forward to it at all D:, I'd love to spend all my day at home xD (okok I do get bored too). Actually I have two weeks left before I can change all my B's to an A O^O (I have 3 B and 2 A Dx)
MORP is PROM backwards :] but idk the difference =o=
I'm just trying to have as much as possible time to relax before school starts again crying ewww I'm on debate unit. gaaahh
how about you?

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lol lucky and yet unlucky >0< my teacher is harsh on everything though. so I guess you have it better off a bit xD
but I did manage to get an A- in his class first trimester so that was good (whew, but I think I have a dangerous B right now O_O)
I think we MIGHT, ASB was discussing it for our MORP dance or whatever.
I know it's so nice to have a break =w=, too bad it's over in *sniff* three days
Thanks ^-^

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ohh yikes good luck >.<, my teacher grades the paper so harsh geesh. And I thought I did pretty well on that paper crying (got a B-)
ohh that's so cool, I'll be volunteering at this place feeding poor people (or preparing food for them or something)
awww that's soooo sweet of him! xD. lol I'll be waiting for that day when I find my love one hahahaha
Lol and I thought my district was the only one that has break (nice to find someone else that does ^^)
track is cool :] I was going to join the team but my knee isn't well so I can't User Image

Report | 02/16/2010 5:10 pm


the book is really boring >.<
ohh where did you volunteer?
aww that's so sweet x]. I just have no guys xD (nah they don't catch my eye...maybe my standard is too high? User Image )
Yes it's break for me :3, how about you?


live life to the fullest (: