Its All About Me

well uhm...i love any form of rock and techno.
i love being energetic but lately ive been the opposite..
but thats over with. hmm. im spastic..
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HUGGS! its my cure for anything.
heheh . i have a.d.d. and i crash reely hard when im tired.
im in love with ppls eyes and sense of conversation.
in addition to huggs cuddling one-on-one id say is the personal favorite of mine.i play video games a lot now that i have them again .
but usually im on the internet finding new websites ive never seen b4 and seeing. what they have . im a peace promoter, i love drawing, and photography . i was born an artist. but most likely ending up an architect.
i think ur beyond belief in my eyes and.
LOVE is the strongest word to me but i let ppl say it like its nothing ,.
that has changed . my birthday is september 26 1992.
im almost 18 live in the craptastic town of Hyattsville, Maryland.
ive been in the same house my hole life. parents divorced when i was 2 .
i still love my parents even though i dont tell them or anyone much these days. i have few actual friends. keeping secrets ive been told are my thing and.
to top it off. my hair was white blonde when i was born then it faded to my dark brown. (im a natural brunette) my eyes change i dont no depending on what
but they change from a blue green to a green with hazel in the center
and silver in the sunlight. im 5'3-5'4 and proud- i need to catch back up to being in shape. but im normaly pretty thick (ok that sounds wierd).
my fave band is either blessthefall or suicide silence.
oh and kid cudi biggrin hes cool favorite color is lime green.
then it wud be orange and black. and im johny... johny.quarentine.
and now,,u no more about me.enjoi☺