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John Constantine DC

John Constantine DC's avatar

Birthday: 12/31


Powers and Abilities

Unlike most comic book magicians, Constantine rarely uses magical spells unless he has to, especially in combat. Constantine faces most of his challenges relying primarily on his cunning, his vast knowledge of the occult, manipulation of opponents and allies, and an extensive list of contacts.
Constantine's blood is demonically tainted, initially by a blood transfusion from the demon Nergal, and later by sex with a succubus. His blood has been shown to have healing properties. It also acted as a defense mechanism when attacked by The King of the Vampires in Hellblazer issue 69.

John is a poor physical fighter and has been shown to lose most punch-ups he gets involved in. However, has occasionally won fights, either by using a magical weapon (Hellblazer issue 217) or by fighting dirty (Hellblazer issues 42 and 57, and the graphic novel All His Engines.

Some examples of Constantine's magic:

Divination — Used a pendulum and map to find the location of a magical disturbance. (Hellblazer issues four and 182)

Demon summoning — Summoned the demon Nergal to destroy a monster for him, which it did (although John lost control, due to his inexperience). (Hellblazer issue 11)

Cursing — Placed a curse on his father that caused him to waste away. (Hellblazer issue 31)

Spirit ward creation — Placed a magical sigil on Ellie's soul that prevented the forces of Heaven and Hell from tracking her. (Hellblazer issue 60). As well as using sigils to hide himself from Satan. (Hellblazer issue 85) He also placed various sigils on an abandoned caravan that he housed himself in to hide himself from the demon Nergal. (Hellblazer issue 12)

Golemancy — Raised a golem. (Hellblazer issue 167)

Oclumancy — Erased a man's traumatic memories. (Hellblazer issue 217)

Necromancy — Raised a group of murder victims as zombies to attack their murderer. (Hellblazer issue 230)

Illusion — Making people think he's someone or something else. Or using Illusion to scare susceptible opponents into catatonic insanity. (Hellblazer issue 146)

Constantine has also exhibited considerable mastery in "stage magic skills" - hypnosis, sleight of hand and escapology.


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Adella_Faust Report | 12/28/2012 3:32 am
((Hello Hello! If you'd ever be interested in rp, I'm quite good with starters. Just let me know. ^_^ ))
thecookieholic Report | 04/07/2012 11:27 pm
thanks for buying! heart
Psionic Diamond Report | 02/16/2012 3:48 pm
Psionic Diamond
Hello, I am recruiting Red Lanterns for my Crossover Marvel/Dc Roleplaying guild. If you'd be interested in joining, please let me know. I am planning a Roleplay where Ysmault gets destroyed by the Phoenix, resulting in a clash between the Lanterns and the XMen.
I Am Jason Todd Report | 11/01/2011 8:00 pm
I Am Jason Todd
Ready For action
I Am Jason Todd Report | 06/18/2011 6:13 pm
I Am Jason Todd
Hello, hello~
It's your favirote scorge of the Gothem underworld.
"I Am Jason Todd"
Please vote for me in this week Cosplay Avatar Arena.
Just follow this
Link , vote and leave me a comment.

Murderous Clayface Report | 06/16/2011 10:20 am
Murderous Clayface
During the battle between the Green Lanterns,Red Lanterns and Manhunters,multiple flashes of green and yellow lights would start to form around all of the combatants.They'd find themselves pulled away by an unknown force,and teleported to the dark hell planet of Apokolips,restrained by yellow and green energy bonds and their ring charges down to zero,placed near the captured Lantern Furious Styles,and surrounded by the Dark Quintessence, a group of the most powerful beings in the Universe.Atrocitus would find himself to be one of the people captured,his hands bound to his back by yellow and green chains,and his mouth restrained by a muzzle.He'd be one of the first to witness the new world.

(You've been sent here to help start off the Summer Event,Hope you don't mind )
Ruthless Heroine Report | 05/21/2011 7:16 pm
Ruthless Heroine
"I wonder how many sandwiches you can stuff yourself up with that mouth." Zatanna headtilted and looked up at the creature.
Blue Beetle the 3rd Report | 05/20/2011 12:04 am
Blue Beetle the 3rd
DCU Sensei Report | 05/04/2011 1:51 pm
DCU Sensei
*hands become larger and picks you off the ground and slams into floor repeatedly*8l )
DCU Sensei Report | 05/03/2011 6:01 pm
DCU Sensei
(*two pairs of fist slam into you before you can get back up* NO MAN ESCAPES THE MANHUNTER!*Referee doesn't to being a manhunter like the rest of the crowd*)



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