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The Story of Kantai

You awake to find yourself tied to a chair. You feel groggy, and you can barely stand the pounding of your head. "Ugh... what happened?" you thought, blinking away the fog. As you look around the musty little shack, a pair of thin arms rest on your shoulders, wrapped about your neck. A demented but charming voice breaks the silence, speaking quietly into your ear.

"Morning, sleepy. I bet you won't soon go breaking into anyone else's home again, putting your grimy hands on everything. So, why'd you do it? Looting? Or did someone put you up to it...? Ah, it doesn't matter. Either way, most sane people would turn back when they saw my lawn ornaments... tasteful, aren't they?

"But you still just marched in here and filled your pockets, didn't you? Thought you could get away with robbing the marauder of the Wastes himself, the man of silent footfalls, whose laugh sends grown men into panic? I like your guts.

"Well, I hate to end our little chat so early, but I'm already scheduled to take care of someone this evening, and you're wasting my time. It's been a pleasure making you my victim."

All at once, the thin arms wrap you into a headlock; the man seems quite powerful for his meek stature. You struggle in vain, your screams becoming mere hisses and gasps. As the darkness begins to consume your mind once again, the venomous voice cuts through the stale air with a joyous, giggling cackle.

"Thanks for stopping by~!"



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