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Love has found me in the form of a girl named Tempest. She's amazing. I could spend a week trying to tell you how incredible and spectacular she is, but I won't. Because then you'd fall in love with her, too. She's gorgeous; she's so much more than gorgeous. She's indescribable. She's my fatty with elephantitis. She's everything I need that I didn't know I wanted, and everything I want that I didn't know I needed. She's captivating and mesmorizing- she's got me hanging on every word. Her voice is the sweetest sound and it keeps me smiling the whole time I hear it.
Baby, fall as hard as you'd like; I'll catch you wherever you are.

The story behind the boy.

Crush. Comment. Friend. Message. Gimme.
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Hey there. c:
I'm Damian.
I was in the womb seventeen years ago.

In war, there is no soldier left untouched.



Isn't she cute?

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She loves it when I call her fat.