Update : My hair color is now Kasanoda red. And my favorite J-pop band is NewS (All of them are adorable! >W< Especially Yamapi!)

Hello, my name is Jiyuu-Ryoushi and this is my profile. Well, as it seems you came here with your own free will, I hope so at least, you may or may not want to know more about me.

Now, I shall tell you about myself.

My blood type is...something. I've never had blood testing.

My hair color is brown, my eye color is blue, and I have been told more than once that my eyes are pretty, so I'm going with I have pretty eyes. (Seriously, I do not have pretty eyes. =.=)

I am average in height, below average in looks, and average in weight. I am currently 1* years old, of course I would never tell you really how old I am. No, I am not afraid of a rapist, molestor, or sex offender. I just do not like putting my age on things due to the fact that many people automatically assume I am naïve and cannot think for myself, which, in fact, I can.

♀ ♀ or ♂ ♂ or ♂ ♀ is perfectly fine with me. I could care less what your sexuality is. I prefer to judge a person based on what really matters, their personality, to me it matters anyway.

Time for a matter that has no importance to you, or will anyway effect your life, my cat is suicidal.

I am intrigued by the Japanese and Egyptian cultures. Very amazing, I find them to be.

=.= Time for eHarmony on Gaia~~.

I like long walks on the beach, and romantic sun li--

Let's end this crap before I seriously bore you to death, or this was so long that you didn't even reach the end, so that means you can't even see this, so really, I have written this for no reason, which means this is pointless.

I shall end it now. Here, before I lose anymore sanity which is "very dear" to me.


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Dear Mr. Journal

This is my journal. Nothing really important at all. T^T



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For halloween, yeah...not so much when its not...but i wear headbands and such, you?

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rotfl...y that vid so funny, i dont know!

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i absolutely love your proflie backround!


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Gaara (All versions) - 75%
Deidara (All versions) - 50%
Neji (All versions) - 50%

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