Jiyu is based on my cat Mira who is pure evil and constantly into mischief but also really sweet and a good friend. She doesn't take crap from anyone, I love her spunk! Jiyu means freedom/liberty in japanese.

I charish freedom, youthfulness, the great outdoors and the wonders of imagination.

I'm an animation student at A.I. in Vancouver, BC. My dream is to work for either Pixar, Weta Digital, Dreamworks Studio Gibli or Square Enix. I'd deffinately move to Japan or New Zealand to work, or practically anywhere as long as my dogs can come with me.

My favourite activities are rockclimbing, dancing, hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Artists I admire are Brom, John Howe, Alan Lee, Bev Doolittle and anything put out by Studio Gibli or Square Enix.

These are my characters for the RP that I'm currently partaking in.

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Megs Lyona and Ailsa Hogg of Gryffindor House

Below you can see some Avvy Comms I've done for other users.