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Maybe I want the attention. Maybe I just love to spite. Or maybe I really just want to die…



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Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 3:57 pm

Russian Hooker

Well, last year i read it was supposed to come out this year.
But then i looked it back up recently;
and it said 2011.
So its a big mystery.
Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 3:46 pm

Russian Hooker

You didnt like the characters?
I thought they did an amazing job.
Except the little girl, i dont think she was a good actor,
but she somehow fit the job.

Im hoping that silent hill 2 the movie will hopfully take the story of SH2 the game.
Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 3:12 pm

Russian Hooker

Me and my friend were talking about that; I hope they come out with another one
with her returning to silent hill, maybe still trying to find mary, then you can learn about
her side of the story, how she saw james and her relation ship with Mary.

What are your views on the movie?
Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 2:56 pm

Russian Hooker

Yeah thats what many people say, sense she was a child she was held as innocent,
there for not being able to see the hell around her.
Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 2:33 pm

Russian Hooker

yes yes,
Silent hill two really represented alot.
Each character was completely different but all the same.
If that makes senses. Their problems were different yet when it came down to
it they were all suffering.
Laura really got me confused though..
I remember reading one book stating that she could not see the monsters of silent hill.
Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 2:16 pm

Russian Hooker

yess, thats what everyones looking for these days is that detail,
even though silent hill doesnt have fans like modern ware fair, and final fantasy,
it has loyal fans who love the game, and has had silent hill inpact there own life
one way or another. It has so many life lessons in there also. It shows the real deal in people,
it brings out the bad and ugly not just the pretty side.
Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 2:00 pm

Russian Hooker

That was a good song, i like The Theme Of Laura reprise its so amazing.
It makes me want to just jump out of my seat.
I've seen videos when he was in concert, but never got to see if there was
any Schedule for this concerts or if he still has any,
I would pay much much money to see him in concert.

I think silent hill also shows how video games evolved over the years. you can
see how they got more detailed and just developed much better.
Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 1:46 pm

Russian Hooker

Yes, although i wasnt to excited for shattered memories i will have to try it out. Having the different out comes and/or situations in the
game is one part that makes the game. You could play it over and over and over again, and you will learn something totally new. But i
belive you wouldnt have the hole silent hill series with out the music. The music creates the hole feeling, it really gets you into the game,
you feel as what they feel the sorrow, the regret, it makes you feel connected to the hole series.
Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 1:37 pm

Russian Hooker

Well usually, people on gaia like to be jerks -_-
i thought you were trying to say that i was stupid and need to take it off.

Im Sorry D:

Yeah, silent hill is a veryyyyy good game.
Although the fourth one wasn't my favorite, i think the second one was the best.
It had such a complex story line to it, it seemed fully detailed yet it had to still guessing.
Russian Hooker

Report | 01/30/2010 1:28 pm

Russian Hooker

Point Being?


Pssst. I know who you are...Hail Sithis.