About me? Okay. <3

Originally 04. I've come back, ehehe.

My name is Riah...but please, call me Jiraiya. ;D That man runs in my blood. If you wanna draw art for me featuring my avi and Jiraiya-sensei, I'll love you for eternity. For real. That kind of art, it's baller. I don't have very much gold, but I'll do whatever I can for it. <3

I'm shy~ So be nice, mkay? I like metal and alternative the most, and some techno. c: I'm friendly too, so drop me a message or a comment, and I'll respond soon, I promise.

Love. <3

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Roleplay with me? :3

I love to roleplay, and I consider myself literate. I'll split my topics up into categories, and you can take your pick if you're interested; I also enjoy adding a romance element to any of the following:

✎ S.S. Anne
✎ Typical adventure

Fallout 3
✎ Escape only
✎ Typical adventure

✎ Typical adventure
✎ Rivals
✎ War

Mirai Nikki
✎ Typical storyline
✎ Rivals

Deadman Wonderland
✎ Typical storyline

✎ Typical storyline
✎ Playful romance in New Pretty Town
✎ Specials

And any suggestions you may have, I'll be happy to accept!

Naruto buds. xD


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Cory Koshiomi Report | 04/16/2013 7:12 am
Where ya go T^T
Zero-Two-One Report | 07/18/2012 11:26 am
They were out of town at the time, visiting cousins that I don't really have a relationship with anymore. I love camping very much, but this trip was a bit of a downer. Ah, well. Next time will be more fun. :3:3
Zero-Two-One Report | 07/15/2012 12:17 pm
Yeah, I hung out with him pretty much all day a couple days go. It was cool. :3:3 Then I went camping, which was kind of boring without my siblings.
Zero-Two-One Report | 07/12/2012 9:21 pm
Hehe, woo! It's been all right. Made a new friend, irl. Which is a new experience for me. xD And I'm starting to get some personal nonsense figured out, which is good. What about you?
Zero-Two-One Report | 07/10/2012 1:52 pm
Not really. I like listening. Though, it can be really frustrating if they interrupt me a lot.
Zero-Two-One Report | 07/10/2012 12:21 am
Haha. Oddly enough, no. It's the other way 'round. It's better for me to speak to more assertive people, that way there aren't any stupid awkward silences.
Zero-Two-One Report | 07/03/2012 12:06 pm
lol, maybe. Though, my brother and I are pretty similar in many ways. But I am the quietest of them all! ...Also the shortest. lol
Zero-Two-One Report | 06/30/2012 8:52 pm
Ah, that stinks about your ipod. Hopefully the Internetz will become a little less stupid as time goes on. xD

Yeah, my family is very... loud and obnoxious. On my dad's side. ...Actually, a little on my mum's side, too. ...I'm sorta the odd one out with how quiet and withdrawn I am, I guess.
Zero-Two-One Report | 06/29/2012 9:10 pm
I wouldn't mind finding a different way of chatting, either. E-Mail, MSN, whatever.

Sucks that work bothered you so much. :< Does your family being over bother you? ...I know my family bothers me. Blah.
Zero-Two-One Report | 06/21/2012 12:01 am
Yeah... Confidence, motivation and passion have never been things I've been able to hold on to for very long.

What have you been up to? Still all the work, all the time? I'm sorry we haven't actually been able to talk. You said you'd be on more, so we must keep missing each other. :c
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