My friends helped me with this lookup, it hasnt been updated since ye-olden days and im too dumb to ever update it anyhow.

IF you mail me and expect a reply please have your profile comments/pms set so I can actually mail you. For some reason lately a lot of people have been mailing me with them shut off. cat_sweatdrop

IF you are mailing me about mewntor mittens, you can get one with a perfect parcel then quote me in the permissions forum and ill give you permission to claim one.

Do not beg me for things, I hate it thanks.


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DarkRybrin Report | 06/07/2019 6:56 pm
I can understand that. I don't really have GC right now, but I'll probably buy a pack and try my hand, it's just too tempting not to.
I have faith in your ability to change the dress-up game's look enough to be Gaia-unique, no worries there. I really respect trying to do your own mocks, I've done some of my own, and it really hurts trying to get them as perfect as you can at a given skill level.
That's an impressive amount of item accumulation. I dream of the days I can open that many rigs again. It's the only kind of gambling I enjoy, as you always get something marvelous and usable, in my opinion.
DarkRybrin Report | 06/07/2019 6:36 pm
I really enjoying filling up shops and selling items in the market, but I know the tedious task isn't for everyone. I believe that you can get through it.
Which rig did you pull this out of, bytheby? Donut Daze, or the one a couple days ago? Since it wasn't advertised, it might be worth looking further.
Sell tickets? Awww. What do you have coming up in the queue? I would never be able to sell an agate or a rainbow, as rainbow would let me recolor in Adoring/TrueAgape, or pick something really bright and obscure, and then agates are just delicious self-expression. I could imagine a few ways you could use both. At the very least though, you would have more funds for another custom.
DarkRybrin Report | 06/07/2019 6:29 pm
It might have just come from a list of bundles, and they included all of the rock bundles or something without realizing what was special about the last one. Still, very nice. Agates are always useful, and I know you'll make something amazing with the rainbow. <3
DarkRybrin Report | 06/07/2019 6:07 pm
Nice pull of that ancient agate and rainbow! I bet Amy didn't realize she put that in there. *chuckled*
Zombies_ate_me_mum Report | 05/29/2019 1:21 pm
Thank you for your patronage! 3nodding
Tuna is Good Report | 05/20/2019 3:33 am
Tuna is Good
Thanks for the purchase! You rock!

Tuna <3
Moon Flower Aimie Report | 05/20/2019 1:52 am
Moon Flower Aimie
Thank you so much again! I've been nostalgic and wanted to revamp my old OC for a long time, and while some items changed out, Rainy Day Picnic (and Ichiban Selken Favor) were the main part of the outfit, and you've helped me FINALLY complete it. Have a great day!
Prince Maikeru Report | 05/17/2019 5:33 pm
Prince Maikeru
skelis Report | 05/08/2019 6:21 pm
Thank you for buying emotion_yatta

Fia Takaya Report | 03/20/2019 10:52 am
Fia Takaya
Thanks for buying heart