~chuckles softly~ What to tell you and what not to.

Hmm, to start, I am Mandalorian. Born on Mandalore, settled on Vlemoth Port with my Clan after leaving Mandalore.

I am 6 feet 7, 280 pounds, blue eyes, dark red hair kept in a pony tail. Yes I am battle scarred, what adult Mando'ade is not?

Yes I have tattoos. No you can not see them. Nor will I show them to you.

Yes I am pierced. The only thing you should be concerned with in regards to that is if you see me taking them off. Run, but you will only die tired.

Yes my armor is made of Beskar, it has been in my family for a very long time. It was my deceased father's, now mine to one day be passed to one of my own when I pass into the afterlife.

Yes I have a mate, grown children and grandchildren. I will happily and proudly speak with you about them for hours and request you join in the conversation with me. Did I mention my grandchildren have started talking and have learned to say "boom, momma, dada and popp" and are learning sign language as well as Basic?

Yes my mother is still very much alive. She spoils my grandchildren as she should, helps their parents see they educated as Mandalorians, defends the family, and has reached a venerable age as an honorable Mando'ade. Give her the reverence due or find yourself learning from her, how to. If you live, then you will deal with me.

Yes weapons are part of my religion. Piss me off should you wish to see them. You will regret it.

Yes I have a jet pack. I have several. No you can not use one.

My ship is not a tourist attraction. No you can not see the inside of it. Unless you care to be frozen in carbonite first, then sold to the highest bidder, or dumped out the airlock.

Yes I am a mercenary. My services are expensive. You agree to my terms or no deal.

Unless you are the Mand'alor, do not ask me to kill my vods. Doing so will be detrimental to your health. Nor should you ask me to harm a child or an innocent. Should you demand such a thing, you may find that what you ask for to be done to them, being done to you... should you I let you live.

~rests boots on table leaning back with a bottle of ne'tra gal enjoying the ale with a smile~ Should you want to know more, nar'sheb. I have said all I wish to.


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Tessa Awaud Report | 05/31/2023 4:13 pm
Love what you did to your profile.

On another note, you are an asshat love! Balloons?!
Rassa Vizsla Report | 05/11/2023 1:37 pm
Jetii grakaya? Tariuve?
Arris Zern Report | 05/10/2023 1:18 pm
*chuckles unemotionally*
Cassus Darael Vekarr Report | 05/09/2023 6:05 pm
"You don't worry about me tick, I can take care of myself." he then smirked at the Mandalorian tick.
Tessa Awaud Report | 05/09/2023 7:55 am
Watch it Jin you're already in deep water!
Arris Zern Report | 05/04/2023 8:44 pm
*unemotionally says* Yes.
Cassus Darael Vekarr Report | 05/02/2023 7:52 pm
He flashes a grin at the Mandalorian, "No we do not. I will not me sacrificing my life anytime soon." Looks the Mandalorian in the eyes returning the smirk with one of his own then turns to walk away. Stopping several feet away he looks over his shoulder saying, "Everyone knows Mandalorians have a 'long memory, short fuse'. That's why there can only be war between your people." Giving a chuckle he added, " That's why you'll only ever be someone who cetar."
Arris Zern Report | 05/01/2023 10:31 pm
*smirks with an icy laugh*
Tessa Awaud Report | 05/01/2023 3:51 pm
YOU! Watch yourself before you get into troublt!
Cassus Darael Vekarr Report | 04/30/2023 10:12 pm
A "tick" Mandalorian? You're worse than an infestation!


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Jin Awaud

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Gender: Male

Location: The Outer Rim

Occupation: Mercenary

Tessa Awaud

"Warmaster, we think too often in dualism. Jedi
or Sith, light side or dark side, right or wrong.
~But there are three sides to this blade,
not two, opposed and similar at the same time.
~The third edge is the Mandalorian."

I am a
Weapons are part
of my religion.

wants to be
and accepted, except
Mandalorians, they do not
give a s**t.

This is
the way

I can bring you in
warm, or I can bring
you in

Mandalorian is not a race, it is a creed.

do not make threats.
We make promises.

Bounty Hunters
are both hunter
and prey.

A Mandalorian with
a jet pack is a

The Force?
Screw that
I am a Mandalorian!

1. Wearing armor.
2. Speaking the language.
3. Defending yourself and
your family.
4. Raising your children
as Mandalorians.
5. Contributing to the clan’s
6. When called upon by the
Mand’alor, rallying to his

Strength is life,
for the strong
have the right to rule.
Honor is life,
for with no honor
one may as well be dead.
Loyalty is life,
for without
one’s clan one has no
Death is life, one should
die as they have lived.

I am not leaving my fate to chance.