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- - i - S p a z z z -

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- - i - S p a z z z -

It reminds me of the jester masks they sell in Venice razz And thank you. I'm having trouble deciding on it atm, so it changes a couple times a day razz

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Ohh, it's okay, thank you!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS (again)!!!! smile
I want to get synthesizer for christmas. It would be very nice... With all octaves... smile
ohhh whee

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It's okay.

Yeah. I don't guarantee that I'll give you the drawing though. xD Just so you know.
Like, if it turns out really ugly looking, then I won't give it to you. O.o
I think I'll ask my friend if I can borrow her prismacolor markers... Sooo. Any specific pose/expression? I'm not very creative. xD

-Shrug- I guess it's been going okay. The same as every month this school year? It's finallyyyy almost christmas break! <3 Then it's 2 weeks off of school. And no more having to wake up really early. @_@ I've seriously been sooo tired lately. Like, everyday.
How's it going for you?

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I coudn't respond too, so - no problem!!
Christmas is coming, right?!! I llooooove christmas, don't you?
I also like to do christmas presents for my friends and familly members...
P.S. You can correct my sentences, if you want, you know, my english is not very good... sweatdrop

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whee Hehe~! heart
Happy Holidays!

Report | 12/12/2011 7:51 pm


For some reason, mine never dies. Well, for my laptop, I never really leave it uncharged so I wouldn't know.

You could just send a refference pic. :3 [A different avi though xD]

LOLOL So, all the girls in my grade got shots[needles] today. The boys are soo lucky that they didn't have to get one. =_=
Anyways, I took a nap after school, then my dad was annoying me to get up so I finally get pissed off that he won't leave me alone and give him the paper thing saying that I got a shot today. Then he was being all sympathetic to me going, "Awwww, okay you can just sleep if you have a headache." I don't actually have a headache though. xD
b a n a n a dreams

Report | 12/12/2011 2:07 pm

b a n a n a dreams

little tokyo? what's that!?
mhh.. i can speak more or less but i can't read or write! hahaha
it's so lame!

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xD Fail. I always keep mine charging, even though the battery is always full. It's my PHONE that I don't need to change EVERYDAY. The battery lasts a few days anyways. This one time I left it without charging it for like 2 weeks and it still didn't die. O.o

Why? ;D You want free avi art? I'll do it for free, seriously. But give me something simple. ._.

Report | 12/11/2011 2:14 pm


My laptop was free. LOL Telus had this deal where if you switched to their tv thing then they'd give you a free laptop. xD

Ugh, I don't like crayola. I have prismacolor pencil crayons and they changed my life[drawing]. xD
You should look it up on youtube. Some people's coloring looks sooo amazing

Report | 12/08/2011 2:21 am


Oh, Hahaha !
Will watch taiwan version later ~ ;p

S.H.E ! ********* heart


Gimmie your goldfish.
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