Greetings and salutations Gaians.
I assume you are here because you want to know something, or boredom has gotten to you so much as to check my Gaia profile.
I guess I'll tell you something.
As you can clearly see, my screen name is JhBlakes34. Don't bother asking me for my actual name, I will not tell you. Don't ask me how old I am, as it does not concern you.
I am more commonly known as J among my friends and Barton Town regulars.
The main reason I log into to Gaia is to role play. I role play pretty much all day every day.
I prefer Private Messages, as I am relatively self-conscious about my writing.
If it is a Group Role play, I will gladly post in the forums though.
I will do Offsite role playing. That is to say, I will role play on Meebo, AIM, Skype, and the such. Just ask.

I try to get on Gaia as much as possible, and usually do. I am online on a daily basis, most of the time.

The series that I will role play are Naruto, Bleach, The Hunger Games (Which I adore), Final Fantasy VII (Which I also adore), Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, and Left 4 Dead.

Please note, I will role play Original ideas, those are just the Series-Related that I will take part in.


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writing a book so read it!!!! pls


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-_La petite morte_x

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-_La petite morte_x

No problem
Memories of Zexion

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Memories of Zexion

Yeah... I love it. It's so gripping and such a pageturner.
I can't decide my favourite character...
Light, or L....
Memories of Zexion

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Memories of Zexion

Yes, and me.
I bought the Death Note Black Edition I!
It has the first two in one.
I love it.
Memories of Zexion

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Memories of Zexion

Guess who's into Death Note~

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Thanks for buying!

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redface wanna hunger play rp? sweatdrop

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whoa whoa chillax it wasnt me! sweatdrop
was just wondering if you wanted to talk about it or not...

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hola dude
whats up with the totally pissed off aura that i sense from your 'my status' thingie?
Skeet Draconis

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Skeet Draconis

User ImageUlquiorra! surprised

Do not trifle with me, mortal.
Memories of Zexion

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Memories of Zexion



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