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I also like to refer to myself as the "Fullmetal Addict" <3
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This is [me] It's not my best picture, but it's one of my favorites.


Crazedinufan and Jimmy both rock my box whee
^Rocked box^

And Crazedinufan even made me a sign! ;3;
Teh sign
~ ~ ~

I am a Christian if you didn't already figure that one out.
I am not one who accepts random friends requests.
I am the Queen of Useless knowledge, ask me for some useless knowledge sometime. whee
I consider myself a scientist.
My deadly sin is definitely Sloth.
I am empathetic.
I am very forgetful.
I am in love with the adorable-ness of George [read my journal entry]
I am told that I am a good person to talk to about problems.
I am crazy.
I don't often think before I speak, and that's why I love the internet.
I have a Cheez-it fetish. xp
I adore sunsets, rainbows, clouds
(especially on a sunny day after a rainstorm) and beautiful views.
I love compliments, and I'm always sure to try to return the favor.
I am grateful for donations/presents and whatever.
I am at a loss of what else to say about myself.

Likes [In no particular order, but still somewhat organized]:
-Fullmetal Alchemist-
-The thread, as mentioned previously-
-AJ & friends-
-Doing stuff on the computer-
-Making AMVs-
-British Humor-
-Light debates-
-Goofing off with my friends-
-Goldfish [the food]-
-Steak [Sorry vegetarians! T-T]-
-Rats <3-
-Seaglass hunting-
-Coin collecting-
-Donating when I feel like it-
-George! <3 >w<-

-ENVY!!! scream -
-Obnoxious Brothers D;-
-When Christians give Christians a bad name-
-Satan [duh]-
-Most rap-

According to this my brain is 33% Female, and 67% Male. I agree with it.
Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts
And while your emotions do sway you sometimes...
You never like to get feelings too involved.

~ ~ ~

Beautimous! ~ Thanks to Katohi (Also known as Ketchup Bottle) for the Avi Art! Ket is my best sis! [even though she is my only sis, but that isn't the point..] And the best artist I know. 3nodding Help her out on her quest by buying some of her [art] Tee-hee, it's so purdiful >w<

Summer blast! ~ Basically, This art is chibi on an orgasm stick whee Thank you Chibibreeder (is not from Gaia Online) TwT I luvs it so much <3

Eww... xd ~ This is just some avi art I did of myself a while back on the computer. :3 I tried drawing myself using the mouse xD It kinda sucked, so I did a lot of gimping to fix it up. 3nodding It's the first time I did that sort of thing, so yeah, be nice. x3

I ROCK! scream ~ It's a rock. o_o ...An adorably chibi me rock!! <33 Thanks to smorzie for the art!

D'aww. whee ~ GYAA~! It's so chibi! <3 Thanks BeastJumpGirly!

[x] ~ Some more purdy avi art (By Cleocatra Osiris)

o= ~ Thank you Half Magical Leaf!

-flapflap- ~ Thank you Hoshi-chan!! scream -flies away-

CHICKBUSTERS ~ Neo, I love you. xDD

~ ~ ~

Bwahahaa!! >3 Time for quotes!! -evil cackles commence-

Friendship is just that much better when secrets are involved

True friends are the people that no matter how broken you are, they are the ones fixing you back up...even if you don't want the help.
-Me again.

"*puts on a shirt that says "steryotypical male"*
RAWR RAWR!TESTOSTERONE!!!where are them boobies! im gonna watch some football and lift some weights!!!wanna know why???one word! TESTOSTERONE!!"
-Brett rofl

"It's dangerous out there. Take this." User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
- -Neo the Mage-

FMA is the best Bipolar show ever... it's like, -serious, sexy, HAPPY, gay, funny, serious, murder, funny, serious, happy, gay, last laugh, end-

"For all the toasters in the world, I buff the waxed seashells and scream by battle cry of, "I AM A TACO!!" scream
However, as it is a great paradox on how those bunnies do become ninjas, I shall not question. :3"

"Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who matter, don't mind, and those who mind, don't matter."
-Dr. Seuss

If you can't amaze people with your knowledge, baffle them with your BS!

~ ~ ~

Usernames I'd love to have, but wouldn't trade my username for:
-Supah Jesus (or Super Jesus)
-Whispers in the Dark
-Feesh Heads
-Naked Grapes (or Rotten Grapes)
-Rotten Crayon (or Naked Crayon)
(I come up with a lot of these, but I quickly forget them... >.> wink

~ ~ ~

And now, time for my list of inside jokes that I haven't found a place for besides here...

-And SMEE! shall be the number of the counting.
-My 9th grade math teacher = EVIL COW!!
-G'night, sleep tight, don't let the evil bunnies bite!
-It's a Sallyism! :'D
-Beware of Vampstick
-Only you can prevent nosepicking.
-My bunny is a retard =_=;; He is gender and species confused...
-Beware of Jamie HINEYman! >_>;; "Jamie like big boom." >_>;;;;;;;
-Jessiphile!! Run away! >_>;
-'Put your hand up to your chest, and try to bite your ear...'
-'Only $3,000 dollars?!'
-Dang it people, you AREN'T NINJAS!
-Yes Chris, go do your last name.

-I'm an Albatross! Flap, flap, flapping my Albatross wings!
-I'm not immature! I'm not! I'm not! I'm not!
~ ~ ~


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Thanks, but honestly I really don't check back here that often as you can see 5 and a half months later sweatdrop
And I don't ever remember being cool and life has been relatively lame Hopefully much better for you ninja
On the other hand though it's nice to hear from some old friends every once in a while heart

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Hello old friend. ;3
I see that you've logged in recently.
I hope I see you online sometime soon.
A Link to my Heart

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A Link to my Heart

Flora Rinku

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Flora Rinku

Hey,, it's me! Link from the HQ!

Long time no Talk D:

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ZOMG! No comments since 2009!

i still love ya!

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I can't find your add as friend button so....add me? smile
Ketchup Bottle

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Ketchup Bottle

Sis! o w o
On gaia it says yer birthday is today~!!!
Happy Birthday!!! x3 <3

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Random fact:
A shrimp's heart is in its head. You might already know this, depending on whether or not you watched Animaniacs when you were a child.

Also acorns are poisonous to humans, unless you know the exact way to cook them, which is how one Indian tribe survived without corn.


Check out my profile please!

I LOVE TO SCREAM scream But it doesn't mean I'm angry 4laugh

I don't want the world, I just want your half