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Birthday: 02/24/1994

Occupation: Your mom. o.o

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Barry rules!

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*cough* Belphagor rules *cough*


Belphagor wuz heeeere~~~~~~~

SQUEE!!! About me!

Name: Jessica
Alias: Jessii
Age: 14
Hobbies: Singing, drawing, and playing the guitar
Other online accounts: Myspace, Youtube, RuneScape, Neopets, Gaia. o.o
Favorite color(s): Blue and pink=D
Pets: Two doggies. <3
Favorite band(s): Boys Like Girls, Paramore, Underoath, Dreams Deprived (Heh heh)
Music style: AnYtHiNg WiTh A bEaT, But I'm really into Techno music right now. Lol
Buddies: Brianna, Tori, Haylee, Ryllie, Mikayla, Alex, Chris, Missii, Lexxii, Drea, Day-Day((By the way, Hailes, that is Daylan. XD))
Favorite song(s): Fearless, Love Story, Fifteen, Change - Taylor Swift; Without You - Hinder; Far Away, Savin' Me - NickelBack; Bad Boy, Everytime We Touch - Cascada; Butterfly, BumbleBee, Castle in the Sky, Candy - DDR
Saying of the week: "Polodies... French for, 'suffer, fatty, suffer!'" Craig S.
Status: SiNgLe!!!!


Smexual Orientation: Straight. =o
Fave Movie: <_< >_> Freedom Writers. :]
Fave anime dude?: I don't have a specific favorite. <_<
Hometown: Gaycastle
Fave Subject: English. =D ((Because of Romeo and Juliet))

-Anything brightly colored
-ANY music
-Good manga. =D

Dislikes! >=P
-Mean people
-BAD manga.
-Stupid movie re-makes. (Meet the Spartains, Epic Movie, Scary Movie 1,2,3,4... etc...)

So was Keiichi~~~

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