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A Little Something For The Curious Critters:::

My name is Jessica, I'm 16, and I live in Chicago, but most of my friends live in the suburbs or Indiana. Hahah. Here's 26 things about me:

1. I write crazy short stories and pretend I'm the main character.

2. I hardly ever tell the whole truth.

3. I have random things taped on my walls, so even when I'm alone, I'm surrounded by things I love.

4. I used to be overly nice so people would still like me even though I'm fat. Now I don't mind so much.

5. I don't like letting things go. I do so for other peoples sake.

6. I really love the color gray.

7. I adore hugs.

8. There's a lot of people I miss, but I'm scared to tell them because I think they don't feel the same.

9. I wish I was better at photography. I love it so much.

10. I bite my nails too often.

11. I've never been good at coloring inside the lines.

12. If I tell you something, I mean it. Take it seriously.

13. The best moments are when I can't breath from laughing too hard.

14. I'm almost always tired.

15. I used to HATE mint gum. Now it's the only kind I like (except spearmint. ew.)

16. I prefer chocolate to vanilla.

17. Panda's make me smile.

18. Don't discuss politics with me. I'd like to see you be a better president.

19. I like spending time in worlds that aren't mine through books, video games, & movies.

20. Love is my favorite word.

21. I want a tattoo of a raven.

22. I get nervous when people don't text me back quick enough.

23. I always have my iPod nearby, and Richard Dixon named it Purple Haze smile

24. Sometimes I like arguing, even if I lose.

25. I want my last words to be memorable.

26. I love astrology, I hardly DON'T check my horoscope. I'm a Capricorn smile


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