Okay for those who are too lazy to ask here are a few important things about me................

Name: Jessie Ann Northwitch James Roronoa

Other Names and Alias: Jessie, Jess, Little Fox, Fox

Age: 6639

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 157 lbs.

Build: willowy but busty

Eyes: Sea Green

Hair Color and Style: Firey Red, sometimes died to blend in with others around her, worn straight down her back.

Race: Okay we're looking at a serious mutt here. Her main lines are demon, fox, piro, nymph and a bit of angel. One point, there is no human blood running through her so please don't ask.

Skin tone: Golden brown

Scars: Other than a few minor scars here and there she's been mostly lucky, though due to a battle lately her right hand is kept gloved nearly all the time because it got mangled beyond healing. Her right ear has litely had a few problems. Seems that a young dragon wanted to use it as a chew toy.

Accessories: She enjoys the extra boost from the wings around her feet that were a gift from her cousin before he died.

Weapons: Hmmmm, whips, pitchfork, firey sword, her sense of humor.

Companions: An unnamed phoenix
A white male cat named Mack
A puppy named Tranva
A white fox/mink named Soleas
A baby dragon that calls itself Fantago
Thanks to Akki there is a small black kitten named Tomiar.
And lastly a monkey........Maybe we'll call him Abhor

Transformation: Is able to transform not only into her paired form of a black dragon, but also a fox and living flames.

Date of Birth: December 25th

Place of Birth: A small village that no longer exists, though she did buy the valley that it was in several centuries ago.

Other Information: She is paired with a black dragon named VocairReishan. The two of them co-exist through each other's bodies and share the dragons fire, knowledge, and illusions, along with Jessie's natural abilities. As you can see her name is quite long. This is due to the fact that she has been married three times.

Elizabeth Ann James , sometimes called Starlight. (lost)
Mortia Kallee Nox (missing)
Faylin Roronoa (deceased)
Kdor Upravičuje Ali ščiti (Vin)
Twins = Suler Eladio (boy) and Josephine (girl)

In loving memory of Josephine
9 July 1987 - 14 April 2006


Jessie's Journal

At the moment I'm working on a visual list of what her children look like. Later I'll add other people who are significant in her life.



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Chef Zeke LeDeltrie

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Chef Zeke LeDeltrie

>.> noticed you never changed your last name on your profile....
Ninja Man 2014

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Ninja Man 2014

hi there thanks you so much add smile nice avi and profile so cool

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Miss you too! <3 heart

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cool avi
Luis Good Boy Angel 2013

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Luis Good Boy Angel 2013

hi there how are you ok what up

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lol i bet

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wow jess a maid ava this time

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nice to see your alive hun XD

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Ouch! I'll catch you next time then Jessie, I don't go on very often anymore but I think I'm going to try and change that. Sorry for leaving yesterday without saying anything!


Just trying day by day to find my way through life.
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