aaall me, babeh

Favorite Movies/Anime
naruto, bleach, the avatar, teen titans, full metal alchemist, trinity blood, inuyasha, eurecka seven... etc.
harry potter (all), spirited away, the labyrinth, TIM BURTON MOVIES, little nicky, pirates of the caribbean (all), moulan rouge, son of frankenstein, the producers, click.... SOOOO MANY MORE D:

Favorite TV Shows
invader zim, bugs bunny, the simpsons, my gym partner's a monkey, mythbusters, daily show, colbert report, southpark... lots.

Favorite Reads (books/comics/manga/etc)
harry potter (all), across the wide and lonesome prairy, the lorax (!!!), all dr. suess books, shell silverstein books (all), squee, johnny the homicidal maniac, mangas of stuff (see anime), the world according to garp, artemis foul (all), and mooooore.

Favorite Music/Bands
poe, NOFX, fiona apple, cake, tori amos, tracy bonham, the bloodhound gang, maddona, sting, beck, liz phair, weird al,
edie brickell, josh cameron, everclear, the shins, taking back sunday, the gorillaz, rasputina... ugh too many

i like reading, doing stuff on the computer, i m a total procrastonator, oh yeah and i talk way to freakin much. i also really shouldn't be telling you all about me in case you're stalkers or something (julia...). oh well!!! KAKASHI!!! i have a youtube thing, and i am 12kakashi. um... if you need anything else or whatever... my email adress is so there ya have it. MY REAL NAME IS GABBY!computer, books, friends, family, tv, art, THE SIMS 2 (!)... etc.