About me? :D

13. Black Hair/Blonde . Brown Eyes . Socially Dead .
Don't Come Into My Life, If You Plan On Leaving .
I'm Unintentionally Rude At Time's, And I Have A Temper .
I'm Not Afraid To Raise My Voice Nor Curse At You .
I Keep Too Myself, So Most Likely,
I Won't Open Up Too You .
I've Never Truly Trusted Anyone, And
I'm Not Planning On It Anytime Soon .
I'm Not Who I Used Too Be, And Altho' It Might Be
Hard For You To Accept That.. I Honestly Don't Care .
Generally I Can Be Nice, And Happy .
Just, Don't Do Anything Too Annoy Me,
Or You Will Never See That Happy Side Toward's You Again.
I Sing And Play Guitar . I Used To Know How To Scream,
Not Sure If I Still Can . x)
I Need My Phone, And Ipod With Me Everywhere I Go .
I Refuse Too Leave My House Without My Phone And
Ipod In My Butt Pocket . Lol .
And, Remember Kids, Don't Bark If You Can't Bite . :B



All time low<'333
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