Hello! I'm Jessica(you can call me jess) and I love anime! A girl from Singapore, I'm not very good in my maths and science. But I love English! I love reading books too(which is like so obvious) and maybe I can be a writer someday.

It's hard to find a good anime series for me(if you've got good ones, please introduce them to me!). I'm currently watch the series 'Shugo Chara' which is about a 5th grader girl, Hinamori Amu, having 3 guardian characters(shugo chara). With these 3 shugo charas, Ran, Miki and Su with different personalities, Amu's life has totally changed. Go to this website to learn more about it: http://myanimelist.net/anime/2923/Shugo_Chara!

Books are my favorite and I've got tons of them at home. But I just wish to have a room of my own, and books would occupy more than half of the room. Geronimo Silton books were previously my favorites but because I'm getting older, and thought it might not be suitable for me anymore. Now I'm liking Candy Apple Books and Poison Apple Books. Not forgetting Jacqueline Wilson's and Cathy Cassidy's books are great.

Still, I'm just a normal girl with normal grades. If I could be Amu in Shugo Chara, I won't have to worry about my life anymore. Maybe one day, I can grow wings and fly to another world, and maybe the world would be full of magic...