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by now, im sure youve already formed your opinion about me. whether it was interests or my avatar or whatever it was, but theres a high chance that your wrong. but honestly, i dont care anymore so im not here to prove you wrong. im not saying that im mean, or a nice person. so youll have to find out for yourself. i have the people that matter most to me and thats all i care about. im well aware that i could be the biggest b***h in the world, and ive been told. alot. so telling me that will get you a sarcastic answer, or just a flat "i know." : ) i suck with words. ive never been good at writing about myself. ive given up on trying to please people, or be nice to them because they hate me for whatever reason. you can hate me. it wont bother me, youre just another person in the world that i can ignore. when you talk to me, youll see that i talk about myself a lot. not because i think im more important or whatever, but i find it easier to relate to people by telling them about something close to what their talking about. i understand better that way.i hate horror movies. i hate movies like twilight or harry potter-fantasies, i think theyre called? i dont know. they piss me off. and horror movies can be quite graphic and gorey. i dont like it. i like movies like mean girls or shes the man. i would also prefer you not telling me what to do. ive been fine dealing with my own problems for 14 years with only my friends listening to me ramble on about it. im not a violent person, and i hate fights. but still, i dont need you to run my life. i dont let my parents run my life, i do my chores, and i walk away. thats it. ive figured out a lot of things for myself, and im sure you could all do the exact same. so dont ask me for advice. dont ask me what to do in a situation no matter what it is. unless i feel like helping you or i know you well, ill tell you to bother someone else with it. im sure a lot of you wont read this. personally, i think im going to use this about me on more profiles. my real name is jessica. i dont really like my name. i never have. another important thing to know about me: i dont run. except for pe. but i hate running.ive been in 1 or 2 life or death situations which honestly are scary. with creepy people trying to do things (not actually get ahold of me) and ill be scared. but i just walk. i run when i see spiders. if your the kind of person who likes to scare others with snakes, its not going to scare me. because if you were to put a snake in front of me i would pick it up antd talk to it. i grew up with one. if i ever put up pictures of myself, i hate when people tell me im pretty. even if you dont mean it. because im not. and ill get messages about it all the time on other sites saying oh your so pretty or whatever. im not. it has 0 impact on my life, and ill jsut say thanks. sometimes i dont even
i like to listen to music. my ipod is usually always in my ears. and if its not its because im in class and listening or at home on youtube or itunes. i love my phone and i like to talk to my close friends on it, or text the people on my shitty plan. i spend almost 99.9 percent of my life on facebook, msn, or now gaia. seeing as i have that now. the other .1 percent. usually homework or chores. yes, i do go to school. i have never skipped a day in my life. not because im a goody two shoes or what you want to call me, because i dont want to be like the stupid people who do and miss work. the way i see it, the more you miss the more you dont get. and the less you get the less chance you have at getting where you want in life. and i want to get somewhere in life. and i plan to reach my goal. although i hate goals i would like to go to university. therefore, i will attend school and get my education. and it may suck but i guess ill buck up and deal. i talked about walking in my about me. walking is something i love. ask my friends. when we hang out, i ask them if they want to go outside and go in the trails. or just walk to starbucks. whatever. i love walking. and i like it so much, i chose to walk to school this year. and i go with a friend but it takes us an hour. my mom told me to take the bus or something but i wanted to walk. say what you want about it. sure ill complain i hated that it was cold. but i did enjoy walking. ill tell my friend i hate it too so she doesnt feel alone but i personally enjoy walking. enough about walking. another interest of mine is hoodies. its not much, but i love hoodies. at school, im always wearing a hoodie. and yeah i love the clothes underneath but ive always loved my hoodies. so i always wear them. i used to be one who LOVED shopping. and i do still love it yes, but i dont feel the need to always be at the mall like i did before. i like hollister. i like abercrombie. and miss me. and guess. i like big name brands. but also, i love winners. or a thrift store. they can have some cute clothes. another hobby-seeing my boyfriend. because i love him. and youll say...your 14 you dont know what love is. and ill tell you to shut up, because i dont care what think. didnt i tell you not to tell me what to do? i forgot-i dont want your advice or opinion either.i take art in school. well next semester. i have no artistic ability. but next year i do want to take one of those fashion design classes with a teacher at the school. because i love fashion. i dont have the greatest fashion. i know. so? that doesnt mean anything. jjsut because i dont dress great doesnt mean i dont have good ideas. i wouldnt mind doing something in fashion. or cosmetology. that brings me to makeup. i love it. i have tons. not like a makeup guru on youtube or a makeup artist, but ill get there in a matter of time. makeup is something i love, and i dont spend much time on it, but when i do i get compliments on it. if theres anything else you want to know send me a message. im not trying to sound full of myself but its hard to fit my about me into a paragraph. ive worked for 14 years to make my life, and ill take 14 years to finish it. although ill be getting older as i do and then ill die. im sure ill be just a regular person, but google me when i do die. im sure theyll have fit everything to know about me in a paragraph. but hey, its easier than me doing it like i am now. plus, i think its better that people who actually know me tell other people about who i am. ill open up only to certain people. many people have tried to get to know me but i can shut someone out with no problem. and i guess those would be the people who know me the best. and you should know who you are. also, please dont ask for my phone number especially when i dont know you. i have a stupid plan where i can only text 5 people, and i got a lot of messages for my number on my old account. i dont get long distance calls anyways. unless i start to know you and i know you actually go to my school or live near me or ive known you for a while, i wont give it to you. but anyways. like i said, i dont know how many of you will even read this.


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to know the basics about me-read my "about me". if you want to read about my everyday life, read this. ill try to put up whats been going on with me for the week every week or so. knowing me, i might not do that. sometimes youd be lucky to see one e


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Pxin Report | 11/28/2010 9:25 pm
Holy crap your status is long! 8D



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