About me:
I wanna be 17 forever . I love where im at right now and im scared . Im scared of growing up, im scared of comitment, im scared of what lies ahead . I live each day to the fullest, ever second of my day ! I love life, and i have the best family anyone could ever ask for ! My parents are so funnny i love them, and all my sisters, i dont know where I would be with out you guys ! I make a lot of mistakes, but I am a good person . Please dont be mean to me, cause I dont like mean people . Laura is my bestfriend ! She has been for like 11 years now ! We are gonna be gilf's when where old (: haha ! I also have many other bestfriends and good friends, I love them all so much ! They are what puts a smile on my face everyday ! I love music, and i like to sing along (: Even though I suck ! haha, I smile alot, but I have my down time . I am very loud sometimes, and I love it, sorry if you dont . Please dont judge me on what you here, some of it may be true, but some not . I dont try to be mean if I am, I dont hate anyone, but there are a coupe people im not a big fan of . I miss alot of things, but I dont like to spend time in the past, cause I live in the present . I just got a new cell phone number ! So if your down for a good time let me know (: