i am me. i am awsome, deal with it.
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1♦ my awsomely coolness best friend in rl
2♦ country music
3♦ active rps
4♦ awsome people
5♦ black
6♦ anime
7♦ my cell phone
8♦ stuffed animals
9♦ vampires
10♦ reading
11♦ lizards
12♦ Tim Burton & his films

1♣ war
2♣ birds
3♣ girly things
4♣ bugs
5♣ snakes
6♣ halloween (( but i will celebrate a bit ))
7♣ wanna-bes
8♣ the so called popular people (( preps ))
9♣ animal abusers

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my organized mess ;D

Twilight <3




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Report | 03/31/2010 5:32 pm


s'okay. Srry I havent been on. My parents kicked me off cuz of grades. Bull s**t. . . .
the clumsy girl101

Report | 02/13/2010 3:06 pm

the clumsy girl101

hey jess!!!!!!!!!!
miss me??
lol, i can finally get on agian!!im sooooooooo happy!!
what about u??

Report | 01/27/2010 5:04 pm


XD well Im lazy a lot of the time! XD But the thing is that I just didnt really feel too much like doing that. . . .But yeah. . . .Coolio! And btw, I just looked at your profile and I love it!

Report | 01/19/2010 3:06 pm


Awesome! Yeah. My brothers b-day was on the 13th and he turned 19. My olesat brothers b-day is on the 29th this month and he will be 30. My dads b-day is on valentines day and he will b 60. My b-day is on march 4th and I will finally be 16! YAY! How old will you be? And when is your b-day anyways? I'm too lazy to look on your profile. . .XD

Report | 01/17/2010 6:55 pm


Yeah. I love it. I want to work there this summer. . . .It is gonan be so cool! I love all of the people there! Theyre all so awesome! XDsry in a hyper mood lately XD

Report | 01/14/2010 4:39 pm


Yeah. I see what you mean. I aviod that store at all costs. I Don't go near it. The Hot Topic that I to is a really cool one though. It does have a uniwue smell. I love it though! It is almost an addicting smell! I love what they do to it! It smells like a mixture of the most worderful calone in the world, burning sugar, vanilla, and a little bit of black licorice with it too. It is so good!

Report | 01/13/2010 6:08 pm


LUCKY! You have gay guys working by you? I dont know of any workers that are gay. But I realized that the workers at Hot Topic are actually nicer than anywhere else. The other workers are always so iritable and snotty. At Hot Topic, theyre so nice and funny and friendly! 4laugh

Report | 01/09/2010 10:47 am


I dont wear anything like ambercrombie. I hate those kinda of brands. I live for Hot Topic. I dont know about any of the other stores, but I love the smells and the sounds in there. And the people are some of the nicest workers that you will ever meet. They are so much fun to start a conversation with too. I am friends with alot of them. I dont care what people think of me. I went to school in a dancer outfit last week! It was black stockings under short shorts and a black tight top on. Not to mention thin black heels. And my fedora. I looked like a dancer in the words of my sister. 4laugh

Report | 12/31/2009 11:20 pm


XD Yeah. . .My friends can get me to come to school ina halloween outfit, a cowgirl outfit, a bannana suit, anything but a girly outfit! I have done the cowgirl and the halloween out fit too. The halloween outfit was all black and it has a studded leather cross on it. The skirt was layered of different lengths. It has strings and thin ribbon coming off of it so much. My dad says that it looks like it went through a lawnmower but i love it! the cowgirl stuff was borrowed by my friend who shows horses and she absolutely loves anything punk and horses. I'll really wear anything at all. I just will NOT wear anything girly. . .Ever. . .I wore an Ambercrombie jacket for one reason and one only. There was a very hot guy inthe room and I started to get sweat stains under my arms b/c i was dumb and forgot deo. XD Stupic me right? XD idc anymore, but i swear that jacket started to burn!

Report | 12/24/2009 8:06 am


XD My family calls me Uncle Festor (spelling?) b/c I have the thick black lines under my eyes. I dont usually do anymore though. I used to always have the eye liner under my eyes too in the beggining of 8th grade last year. That was the year that I changed like that. I made a ton of new friends and I am glad that they are my best friends now. They are the best. But about 3 monthes after I met them, we all went to the Twilight Movie the day that it came out. And I was going to do my makeup like a vampire which i am fairly good at actually. My mom doesnt like me to do that too much though. Oh well. SO it was after school and I got some make up remover and we were all in the bathroom. I then wiped it all off and the second that I did, all of my friends were like "WHOA! Dude, Ive never seen you without eye liner on! You look so pretty!" I just blushed then and said thanks and we all laughed about how I should go to school loking all girly for a day and then come back dark again. We all knew that I wouldnt do that though. I hate girly crap. But it was funny that they all leaned away from me when I took it off. I thought that it was so funny. Then I came back to school with the same dark circles under my eyes. Then I cut my hair about january this year. Just before winter break was over. I cut it myself. I dont know the last time that I got my hair cut at the salon or whatever the hell its called. I cut about 9 inches off. I was just bored of long hair. Then to my suprise, it curled up instantly. When it was long, I always brushed it and that made it wavy. But I didnt brush it before school and Then I went to school with short curly hair and almost everyone was in shock. They were all playing with my curls. I realized that I dont look at good with eyes linewr and short hair too. SO it was still dark. It was just a little bit less. So I went from gothic, to scene/emo or punk. I used to straighten my curls after I cut it too. Then after about 3 monthes of doing that, i realized that it loks so much better curly. TO Im trying to grow it out so that I can maybe have long curly hair. I thing that would look cool! Damn I really write alot.


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