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Hey I'm Joe and Im 17 and from Jersey blaugh I love to meet new people and party all the time. I play beach volleyball with some friends down by the jersey shore over the summer. My mom died two years ago and my step dad walked out on me and my brothers so its just been us for like 2 years now. They sometimes go on my account just to let you know biggrin my older brothers name is danny and my little bros name is zach. danny is 18 and zach is 14


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spanishbabe123 Report | 09/09/2013 3:56 am
Morning baby i hope you have a nice day smile I love you smile <3
spanishbabe123 Report | 06/23/2013 7:05 am
Happy 11 month Anniversary baby!!! biggrin I can't believe it's been this long since we first started dating biggrin <3333333333333333
spanishbabe123 Report | 06/16/2013 1:33 am
That's good,I hope you had fun smile but, I missed you so much smile <333333333333
spanishbabe123 Report | 06/15/2013 4:31 pm
It's was fun smile I really haven't been on much cause my sisters birthday party was today smile wbu?how was your day babe? smile <33333333333
spanishbabe123 Report | 06/14/2013 1:02 pm
Neverrr haha wink but fine ill stop smile <3333333333
spanishbabe123 Report | 06/14/2013 3:56 am
I'm sorry about last night:/I fell asleep again.. :/ sweatdrop <33333333333333
spanishbabe123 Report | 06/11/2013 12:06 am
smile yes, yes I am smile and your my boo smile <333333333333333
spanishbabe123 Report | 06/10/2013 4:04 pm
smile your too cute smile I love you so much baby smile <3333333333333333333
spanishbabe123 Report | 06/10/2013 12:39 pm
It's impossible for you to love me more wink <333333333333333
spanishbabe123 Report | 06/09/2013 3:56 pm
smile thanks baby smile I love you so much smile <333333333333333

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