All about mua

Hola! smile My name is Jerrica and my b-day is on JULY5. Thats right after 4 of July. i am 16.Im a model a cheerleader and I adore dogs (pugs,rotwillers,and sharpays) I have alot of friends derek he might be familiar with phunky beat he is my B.F.F.L and he helps me with boy trubles and stuff he cares about me hes awsome and the best guy friend you could EVER have i also have my best friend in the whole wide world tht i couldnt live with out is my cuzin jasha (aka) sweetybabe is hot. I am currently single. I have a brother who plays gaia his username is Jonah897 and he is 13.I like rap,hip hop,and R&B i hate heavy metal music.I am a person who loves people and loves life i am not a gothic person i get mad when u irritate me (my brother should no) hahahahahahhaha okay well thats it, if you have any questions leave me a friendly comment or a private message!