Hmm... well what is there to really say about me, I like to draw a lot, I listen to music constantly, and yes I am taken.
Most of what I listen to is punk rock or hard rock, my favorite bands are Three days Grace, Rise Against, and Sum 41.
I mostly draw anime/ manga, looking stuff.
I love RPing; if youre inerested message me, have a plot ready though

Stuff I like

"It only takes a teacher saying one thing to change youre life, I'll never forget my 10th grade teacher said to me, 'If I could slit your throat and get away with it I would Feldman'"-- David Feldman

"Creativity is letting yourself make mistakes, Art is knowing what to keep" -- Scott Adams

"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality" -- Emil Casteiger

If there are no stupid questions then what questions do stupid people ask? Do they suddenly get smart when they ask aquestion?

DANCE like it hurts, LOVE like you need the money, WORK only when someones watching,

LIFE shouldnt be a journey to arrive saftely at the grave instead... you should tail spin in 20 minutes late saying "DAMN! that was a hell of a ride!!!! XD"

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