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The Trials and Tribulations of Gender Neutral Man (and co.)

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Report | 10/16/2009 6:10 pm


Just wondering if you'll remember this:
"I'm blue da ba dee da ba die"

I once was Z.i.A

Report | 08/05/2009 11:25 pm

I once was Z.i.A

you still here?
Kaworu 17

Report | 04/01/2009 5:48 am

Kaworu 17

Jentin! I have not seen you in a while.

Report | 02/12/2009 5:16 pm


Haha, I'm sorry my profile comments haven't been more thought-provoking, then. XD

Thanks for the PM. I'll be emailing you. Keep in touch. <3

Report | 02/11/2009 6:53 pm


What, really? User Image Awww, why? User Image

Yeah, sure. I'll send you a PM. Is there any way I can convince you to stay? <3

Report | 01/18/2009 2:48 pm


Hmm...Maybe the unicorn was the best thing about that movie. I don't think my expectations for acting gay affected my viewing that much; I think it had more to do with the actor. It seemed to me he either was hamming it up too much, or not really into the role -- I'm not sure which.

Peanut M&Ms are good. Oh, and your Smarties are called Rockets up here. We do have Skittles here, too.

I wouldn't have guessed the video game sports are easier than real ones. I guess my idea of being more physically active is out. D: Although I think Wii tennis involves more than wrist action. :3

Mmm...that sounds good. Quebec food has a few signature dishes. Poutine is one. Fries covered with lots of gravy hot enough to melt the cheese curds on top. It's really good, but not that healthy for you. xO

The cultures are usually isolated, so they don't come into contact. Or, if they aren't isolated, it's our job to isolate them and then grow them into separate cultures. I think this contract is actually shorter than the one I had before. xD Hmm, I haven't been sick in a while. Hence, I am uncultured.

Boxing Day is like Black Friday, in regards to shopping.

Report | 01/10/2009 6:24 pm


Hmm, a bit. The gay air pirate was amusing to watch, but perhaps my expectations were too high. Or perhaps De Niro's precedence as a different kind of actor marred my appreciation of his character, although I have seen him in less serious roles.

Smarties are like M&Ms up here. Small, rainbow-coloured round chocolates. I like M&Ms better because they taste more chocolatey.

Where do you order import games? Online? Yes, real tennis is much harder. Plus, I wouldn't be able to do horizontal dives when reaching for the ball.

Mm, that sounds good. I don't go out to eat a lot, but we went to this Mexican place near a hotel we were staying while in the U.S. and they had hundreds of items on the menu. I would like to try fries in burritos sometime. Not so much. I went to Quebec once, and that was nice. They had good food.

Not as culturally diverse as where I come from, since it's a smaller city. It's not that short of a contract, because we're supposed to keep up with the culturing over three months. ;D I doubt that I am becoming more cultured myself, however.

I apologize for being late, then? But you don't "celebrate" Boxing Day, correct?

Report | 01/01/2009 7:16 pm


I finally saw it yesterday night. I happened to be home. And I still can't say I liked it all that much, even with the gay air pirate. D:

Oh, Rockets. Yeah, that stuff isn't that good. I prefer the "regular" Smarties. ;D

I tried Super Mario Galaxy again today. Two more stars until Luigi, but I couldn't get the one I was trying. I even youtubed the video to complete the level, but I still can't manage it. I hate the times levels. D: My favourite Sport is Tennis. :3

I've never been to Mexico. Are there a lot of Spanish-speakers around your area?

No, it's growing cultures. :3 Three months or something like that.

I like the flying characters as well. They're a lot of fun. :3

Hey, you said that you thought of a gift on Blossom's thread. I demand to know what it is. ;___; Happy New Year. <3

Report | 12/26/2008 1:18 pm


It seems I'm a chronic Stardust-misser. I think it comes on tomorrow, but at 6:00 a.m. I'm not willing to get up that early tomorrow.

Coffee Crisp is good. Is it true that you don't have Smarties, either? I think some states have them, but not all. Oh, and is your iced tea usually sweetened? When I went to the U.S., at the Detroit airport for a stopover, I ordered some iced tea, and was suitably horrified to find out that it wasn't sweetened. So my sister got me some sugar packets, but it wasn't the same. But during that trip, I've seen both sweetened and unsweetened. And I realize I'm going into too much depth, but oh well.

My sister was here recently, but she refused to play Brawl with me. Instead, we played Sports, and that was fun. In any case, I didn't have a chance to tell her about your tips.

Do you need a specific reason to feel smug? You are not just smug by default? Kidding aside, though, things in the U.S. are generally cheaper, which is why a lot of people do cross-border shopping. That is too much hassle for me.

No, it's not retail, and not related to the holidays. I've done retail, and I don't really want to do it again. D: It's another lab job, but it's a short-term contract.

I try and use metal when those green blocks come up, but it's especially difficult with the heavier players, which I usually avoid.

So, what would you like as a gift? <3

Report | 12/12/2008 5:28 pm


I thought that was the only reason to like it. Otherwise it would just be a boring name. Right, gay air pirate. I hope I get to see him.

Right. Big 2 doesn't trade cards; President does. It has a lot of other names as well.

I think she thinks that she'll eventually get better. Practice makes perfect.

I would probably trust Amazon. I have in the past; just not lately. Also, it does seem to have lower prices than other places; I could've saved two bucks on something I just bought, but oh well. Our weak dollar is the reason for our higher prices.

So in between the time of my last comment and this comment, I have found employment. :3 Let's see how long that lasts...

Is Metal Ganondorf very difficult to use? I tried Metal Bowser and I think I just fell off the platform. xD


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