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Kingsglaive Report | 09/10/2023 1:19 pm
Oh okay. I was going to add that account if it was a different person.

Yeah, I wonder how long did Ever Crisis take place before the events of Sephiroth's hair growth. It really is the true story of VII.

Rerolling is really easy. Just go to the title screen, click on the settings symbol or whatever, the three lines, and click erase data. It'll prompt you through some questions then ask if you want to redo the story, just say no. And that's it. You have to upgrade your buster sword and then you're free to reroll. I just YouTube'd a reroll guide for the game to see what items to look for.

And you're farther than me now I think. I'm doing the Crisis Core portion of the game but in beta, I completed all of what was allowed, which was parts of the First Soldier arc.

and geez, my favorite FF characters? There's really too many... I'm still a big Vincent Valentine for the longest time.
What about your favorites and what got you into FF?
Kingsglaive Report | 09/08/2023 1:10 pm
Thank you. Also, is Jenovaprojecti also you as well? I wasn't sure if I was speaking to the same person or different people haha.

But to follow up on our convo in the thread here:

You did a good job making it look FFVII related, so that's a win. The cosplay I have on now is a spoiler, not sure if you want to know but it's
young Sephiroth in Ever Crisis

The full release is a lot better than beta, and they made it pretty easy to reroll. It helps though with the stronger characters like when you mentioned Reno. He gave me trouble in the beta so I was forced to upgrade my units, though, getting beat by Reno twice isn't such a bad thing. He looks badass haha.

Tifa Lockhart Report | 09/05/2023 9:39 am
I'm sorry for the late reply, I was a bit unplugged for a while there. gonk
Yesss, it's one of my favorite games as well. emotion_kirakira
I'm really excited for Ever Crisis as well! Tifa and Aerith have the cutest outfits. I hope they add them to the remake! whee
I'm def going to try to play it. 3nodding

How have you been doing, what have you been up to? heart
darkwolf possession Report | 08/31/2023 10:57 am
Warst du immer aktiv hier auf Gaia?

Ich hatte Gaia total vergessen aber am Anfang August fühlte ich mich sehr nostalgisch. Ich wollte nur kurzmal checken, was heute auf Gaia passiert. Es war eine solche schöne Überraschung herauszufinden, dass Gaians immer noch online sind, obwohl viel weniger als zuvor.
darkwolf possession Report | 08/31/2023 10:33 am
Alles Klar! Ich war von Gaia 12 Jahre weg und so viele neue Items sind jetzt verfügbar, dass es mich überwältigt. Empfehlungen sind mir immer hilfreich!

darkwolf possession Report | 08/31/2023 9:25 am
Du bist so generös! Das Alpakageschenk passt am besten, weil ich so oft das DramaLlama-Emoticon hier benütze!

Careless Kim Report | 08/22/2023 8:09 am
Thank you for adding my avi to your favorites.
ksydq Report | 08/13/2023 8:47 am
Tifa Lockhart Report | 08/10/2023 7:57 pm
Awwh, thank you! And thank you for accepting the rando friend request. I was trying to add more people who seemed active in the FF community, haha. whee
Red XIII aka Nanaki Report | 07/14/2023 10:12 am
Thanks, likewise to you ^^

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