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My Poem that I wrote for class called "That Rose"

There is nothing like a rose,
Any rose will not due,
It is only that rose that is good enough,
That rose is the one, the one that is the best rose for me because that rose understands me.
Why is my head spinning in circles trying to understand my feelings?

Nothing can change my feelings,
Not even the finest wine,
Only the sight of that rose will ever change my mind.
Why does that rose have to be hard to find in the morning sun?

That rose is only here when it feels like being here,
That rose is the only thing that improves my mood,
It is only that rose that will ever make me feel any emotion towards my work…
Why am I feeling like this Rose?

The rose doesn’t answer to only one name,
It answers to many.
That rose has many nicknames that people come up for it.
Why won’t that rose come to me?

No one knows why that rose won’t come to me.
Not even myself,
I will never completely understand that rose,
No one will, except that rose.

Why dare you ask?
Because that rose will fight you til’ you drop dead,
If you get that rose going,
Then you will be lucky enough to survive.
That rose will fight you like no other fight…

Why does that rose fight?
I do not have your answer,
Young child,
But if you ask that rose why…
That rose might talk with you and you might find your answer.

Dear child,
Don’t question that rose,
That rose will shoot you down,
With logic and other techniques.

That rose always gets inside of my head,
Dear child.
There is no real reason why…
Other than that rose will always stay inside of my head.

That rose will always be the most red of all roses,
Since that rose is the most red,
Everyone wants the best for that rose.
No one would want to harm that rose, unless that rose gets him or her extremely mad.

That rose is smart,
From the roots to its petals,
Never give up on that rose,
Because all that rose needs is hope and someone to look after it.

Why does that rose need hope and someone to look after it?
Child you will not understand this until later in life,
But the simple reason is,
No one can live without a little support in his or her life.

The rose will always need support,
Dear child.
Even the greatest of all Gods need support.
No one lives without a little support in life.

My dear child,
It is deathly hard to stay mad at that rose,
After a while dear child,
You will have to forgive that rose,

Since no one stays mad at that rose…
Why I may ask?
Dear child,
No one understands that rose other than that rose.

But why can’t you understand that rose?
Don’t ask my dear child,
No one will ever understand.
Even myself will never understand,
That Rose.

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