i am eighteen years old...what fun.
So pretty much the only things i know in life right now is that eventually i want to be a writer and I never ever want to be stuck in a job that I hate.
I love music but in all honesty i can't sing worth a nickel so i gotta love my music in silence...how sad =(
Anyway, I'm a pretty laid back person who thinks of the craziest things to say at any given moment and will most likely end up being "that person". Usually it's fun being me (keyword...wait for it...usually). I will only loosen up around my closest friends (you know who you are), everyone else might see me as shy or quiet, but they just haven't gotten a heavy dose of my crazy, irrational, sometimes unpredictable (but never boring) personality.
My life's motto?
"If there's a solution, why worry about it?
if there's no solution...why worry about it?"
Every time I freaked out and couldn't sleep because i hadn't done my homework, i just repeated this to myself...slept like a baby =)
And that's my ticket to success in life ^_^...